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Food trucks are causing quite the scene in Bahrain, here are 7 you should try out

Remember how it felt back in the day when you’d force your parents to buy you those yummy donuts from those old Hole in One donut trucks (the OG food truck) those were the good old days #ThrowbackThursdays – and they’re still one of the good donuts in Bahrain, just saying!

But you no longer have to be nostalgic or limited because food trucks are all the rave nowadays and are slowly but surely taking over the streets here in Bahrain. I mean who doesn’t like the idea of getting their food from a truck? It’s exciting and convenient! Chefs are literally chasing their customers to shove food down their throats.

If you’re confused or don’t know which food trucks to try out, don’t worry; we took it upon ourselves to create a list of the must-try food trucks on the island, we even consulted with some of Bahrain’s food bloggers: The Crave List and Every Little Crumb! This is what we came up with:

🍴 – The Crave List approved

🍪 – Every Little Crumb approved

  • StrEat. Probably the most recent one on the scene, StrEat is serving up everyone’s favorite – burger and fries. Try out their Knockout burger, and if you’re feeling a little adventurous go for their Fire Truck fries, it has Flaming Hot Cheetos, what’s not to love?
  • The Forge. The gourmet food truck, the Forge has everything you need in a truck – breakfast, yes; salad, aha; burgers, sure; desserts, sweet; coffee, yes, please. The Forge is one to go to tackle all of your cravings whichever it may be, and they do it in style too.
  • Griddle 🍴🍪. If you think a burger is too heavy and big for you, then maybe you should try Griddle. Griddle whips up some great sliders that will surely leave you filled. You won’t be disappointed.
    • A Crave List favorite is their new cheeseburger sliders.
    • An Every Little Bite favorite is  their brisket sandwiches.
  • Khashuqa. This one is a wildcard and may be one of the coolest. Khashuqa is a food truck that serves traditional breakfast food, so if you’re running late to work and are craving karak and balaleet for some reason, this is one you have to try out.
  • Sandwich Guys. A truck straight out of and made in Bahrain, as the name suggests, this place serves up some mean sandwiches, don’t discount the burgers though, they’re pretty good too. A crowd favorite is their Heart Attack Burger (don’t worry you won’t die) and their Caribbean Jerk Chicken. Pro tip: Their cookies and brownies are to die for.
  • Noodle Wok 🍴🍪. Get your fresh noodles and sushi fix from here, what you eat is entirely up to you. Just choose your filling/protein, base, topping, sauce, and you’re good to go! Who doesn’t love customizing their own food, let alone noodles? Noodle Wok has also recently introduced sushi to their menu, how exciting! Their trucks are even made in Bahrain.
    • A Crave List favorite is their Glass Noodles with Teriyaki Beef and Vegetables.
  • The Planet Caravan 🍴🍪. The veteran, and probably the first one to jump on the food truck scene. Their sliders are to die for and their Chilli Cheese Dog is pretty good too. Although this one isn’t open all year round and is functional only during the colder months, it is one you have to try out!
    • A Crave List and Every Little Crumb favorite is their “really good super saucy Philly Cheesecakes on buttery rolls, with crinkle cut fries.”

The food truck scene is positively flourishing in Bahrain and one to look out. The Crave Lists states: “The food truck scene which has emerged in recent years have made it possible for the modern day man/woman to pick up a good meal at an affordable price on-the-go! Its mobility exemplifies one of the highest forms of convenience offered by the food industry. However, in Bahrain, I have noticed food trucks offering more or less the same “type” of food: burgers. I hope to see a burst of creativity in that area very soon.”

Every Little Crumb also shares her thoughts on the food trucks in Bahrain saying: “You know the food is going to be casual, fast, and usually no frills. The menu will be short and your decision will be made easier. Especially when the weather changes for the better, and all anyone wants to eat is outdoors, food trucks can make for a very fun experience! I hope we see a further growth in the amount of food trucks available in Bahrain. I’ve got my fingers crossed for some sort of over the top dessert one!”

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s passionate about food, then you should go for it! Tamkeen even provides programs for those of you who are interested such as the Business Development Scheme.

There are even accelerator programs such as Savour Ventures who are willing to  support and get food businesses up and cooking, whether you’re a food truck or a restaurant – it doesn’t matter. So what are you waiting for? Get up and and start cooking.


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