Engaging and interacting with your customer base is one of the most important factors to keeping your business alive and flourishing. Nowadays, communication is mainly done through social media, it’s actually a no joke, you do need social media to get your business out there, especially if you’re a startup that has just emerged into the scene.

But with that in itself comes a responsibility: customer engagement. You’re probably going to receive lots and lots of messages on every social media platform that you have, and you got two options: Manually respond back to them or use a Messenger Chatbot. Which one would you opt for? Let’s see what does the Messenger Chatbot can offer for your startup.

Messenger chatbots are built using artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows them to have semi-normal conversations with people that are using the service. They basically provide you with the information you’ve requested for – just like what any human working in customer service would do! Businesses most of the time opt for messenger chat bots as a customer service tool as it provides their customers with any kind of information or support that they need. Now you might be thinking, any social media manager can handle that, why the heck would you need a bot for it? Well, true, it’s an easy job to do, but human being are not exactly available 24/7, and can take time to respond back to the inquiry, and by that time, the customer could have already gotten bored and given up. Even if the customer receives an auto response (which is by the way completely different than a messenger bot), they know that it’s not answered by an actual human and that no one is actually looking at their message at that exact moment. In addition, they would pretty much figure out that it’d take time before someone answers their query.

So how would this be beneficial to your business? Say you have a social media account that sells products or provides services, and you got so busy and caught up, that you didn’t have a time to respond to your customers. You can avoid losing those customers by setting up a messenger bot that’s going to handle all of the customer’s inquiry, and even provide them with contact information to call or the directions to your store. You can also be smart about it and make the bot promote some of your services or new products.

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In conclusion, adding a chatbot to your social media pages is going to make you save so much time, and create an awesome unique experience for your customers. Would you still go for it? Or do you prefer the old traditional method of engaging with your own customers?


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