Every startup needs some guidance and support on what’s it doing, how it’s marketing itself, how it’s budgeting etc. Some startups have mentors or active investors that can guide them, accelerators. But what if we tell you, that you can have your own checklist of important things you need to make sure of for your startup? This is why serial entrepreneur David S. Rose, author of “Angel Investing,” CEO of Gust, and Founder of New York Angels wrote the book “The Startup Checklist: 25 steps to a scalable high-growth business.”

The book provides a comprehensive guide directed towards startups and entrepreneurs at the early stages. The 25 steps is spread out and outlined through 3 sections: Prepare to Launch, Launch and Build, and Raise Funds and Plan Your Exit. What’s great about this book is that you don’t even have to be an expert in business. In fact, this book is created for people with no business background. It simply touches on some vital pointers such as how one can translate their idea into a business model, how can one put a team together, allocating equity and more.

Rose also mentions the importance of lawyering in your startup, where one needs to select an accountant and an accounting system, and to choose the right kind of technologies, platforms, coding language, devices and more at the very beginning. There’s even a whole chapter about Data analytics and how can you measure your startup’s performance. Additionally, the book includes tips on when and who to hire, when can you outsource or use freelancers, and how you can incentivize and encourage your team.

The third and last section goes through the most important and most sensitive topic: Fundraising. He discusses what investors look for, and how you can understand your company’s value when pitching it to investors, and planing on exit strategies.

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In general, the book is pretty informative for those who are starting out. It outlines every step clearly and it’s easy to read and comprehend, even the technical terms and formulas (which he explains really well). Additionally, the tips are pretty practical and not just theoretical.

The book is available in Amazon and the Book Depository for about 8 BD.

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