RiseUp Summit, one of the MENA’s largest innovation and entrepreneurship summit is back to impress and we’re happy to announce that Startup MGZN is a media partner.

Packed with an attractive and interesting agenda, the annual summit will for sure provide you with an action-packed three days filled with exciting startup activities, pitching competition, and talks by leading experts such as Jason Pau, Chief of Staff, Office of the Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group, Elissa Freiha, Founder of Womena, Brooks Entwistle Chief Business Officer at Uber International and more! – we’re even excited to share that a speaker from Bahrain, Hasan Haider, Partner at 500 Startups will be taking part!

Taking place in the land of Pharaohs, aka Um Al-Dunya, Egypt, the event will be held in the heart of DownTown Cairo – the city that never sleeps. The event will be running from December 7th until the 9th, and we can guarantee you that it will keep you on your toes – make sure you get your dose of coffee!

Think we’re bluffing? How about we take you on a little expedition to show you all the wonders happening at RiseUp Summit? Here it goes:

  1. Who says no to meeting investors? If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want to miss on the chance to “accidentally” bump into an investor, now do you? Besides Uber Pitch n’Ride, RiseUp Summit has organized a special exclusive dinner for investors and startups to get together and show off their innovative ideas. The dinner is still TBA but you can keep tabs on it on their website here.
  2. Meet the HIPOs of RiseUp Summit. Not the animal of course, although that would be interesting. We’re referring to the unique startups that are identified as having HIgh POtential (get it now?) for growth and disruption. Powered by Algebra Ventures, this year’s HIPOs include Halan, Swvl, Wuzzuf, DSquares, PayMob/Accept, Mendel.ai, Bosta, POSRocket, Aqeed, Noon Academy, Yalla Compare and ArabiaWeather.
  3. RiseUp Summit is all about that inclusivity. How? Well, this year, RiseUp Summit has 3 tracks made for everyone and anyone! Whether you’re a Steve Jobs wannabe, or a Van Gogh, or a Warren Buffet the summit is designed for you. The 3 tracks include:
    • Creative. If you’re into film, design, marketing, branding, writing and content creation, and even gaming, this track is for you!
    • Tech. This track is all about AI & Big Data, Coding, Cloud Services, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Cybersecurity, Robotics and more. Basically a haven for tech-nerds.
    • Capital. This is for the ones who like to make it rain money – It’s going to include the know-hows of investment, the economics of venture capital, bootstrapping, valuation, debt financing, and everything money related.
  4. You get to expand your knowledge. Got a question about startups, investors, or even about policy making? RiseUp Summit has it all. This year, the agenda has various sessions, workshops and success stories made to fit the needs of the startup community in the MENA region. Some of these sessions include:
  5. StartUp Bahrain is going to be there. Interested in expanding into the Gulf? Or looking for that hot spot to launch your startup?! Well, Bahrain is the perfect launchpad for you, and StartUp Bahrain is going to be there to guide you through it all!

Of course, there is so much more going on at the RiseUp Summit. You can read all about it on their website here. You can also check out their active social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay up to date with their live events.

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So what are you waiting for? Are you sure you want to miss out on all this fun? Get your tickets NOW.


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