Curate Your Social Life with Vitee—and Access ALL of Your Options 


You know you’re probably missing out…but you’re not sure what, when, or where. Vitee’s got you covered! 

There are always tons of events happening in Bahrain. It’s just hard to find out about them due to lack of marketing and publicity. Usually, event promoters rely on simple word of mouth or social media posts that not everyone will get to see.

Vitee is an events discovery and e-ticketing platform co-founded by three young Bahraini entrepreneurs: Ahmed Al Saba, Marcel Al Mutawa, and Nazar Abubaker. Vitee currently hosts a number of Bahrain’s famous hangout spots, like Malja, Coral Bay, the Ritz Carlton, and many more.

Vitee offers a solution to a problem all of us face in Bahrain; not knowing what to do or where to go. We’ve all been there: it’s Thursday night, and you really want to do something…but just can’t think of anything. On Google, you find scattered bits and pieces of information, much of which is inaccurate or outdated.

Our idea was to create a one-stop shop for event organizers and event-goers. Event organizers now have an easy-to-use tool to promote their activities and collect specific and useful data for future events. Event-goers can find events in real time, and follow their favorite event organizers to stay up-to-date with all of their programs.

There are other event calendars on the market, but Vitee is not just a calendar. We aim to provide the user with a full experience: everything from searching for events to purchasing tickets. We are a social networking system for the events scene. You can follow your friends—and even your favorite event promoters. Stay up-to-date, and never again miss out on the latest events going on in the Kingdom!

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Vitee is currently available on Google Play, and we’re coming soon to the App Store. We are even working on a web version. The aim is to make Vitee available to everyone. We will soon be implementing new features, and we are open to suggestions. If there’s something you’ve always wanted from an app like this, let us know at .
Vitee was first entered into Mashroo3i as a concept, and eventually won Most Innovative Product, gaining further attention from investors. This was the first step to setting up actual operations. Now we’re a registered startup creating jobs for new graduates—yet another example of the incredible dedication and ambition of Bahraini youth.


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