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7 reasons why you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Women Power Summit

Picture an event that brings together women leaders and celebrates their success across all fields. A platform that connects and empowers women, and gives them a voice to share their experiences, thoughts, and opinions. That would be an INCREDIBLE scene, right? What if we tell you that this is about to happen soon?

On May 6th and 7th at  Isa Cultural Center, Obai & Hill are hosting the first and largest summit for women right here in Bahrain: The Women Power Summit. For two days, you’re going to learn a lot and be inspired from more than 50 local, regional and international inspirational and influential women including Leena Al-Olaimy, Mary-Justine Todd, Elissa Freiha, Loujain Alhathloul, Mishael Ashemimry, Julie Alexandar, and a lot more!

The summit is organized by Obai & Hill, and powered by Imtiaz for Her, the first ever ladies credit card which empowers women and encourages them to fulfill their dreams. The event is also held in strategic partnership with Tamkeen and the Bahrain Economic Development Board. Did you get your tickets yet?! Hurry up and get them NOW before they run out.

Wondering what’s going down at this Women Power Summit? Stay tuned and read on, there’s some exciting things coming up, we promise!

  1. Do you like running? If yes, perfect! There’s going to be a Women Power Summit 5 km run in collaboration with Boost Bahrain that’s going to take place on April 28th, from 7 AM to 10 AM at the Isa Cultural Center. Not a big fan of running? No worries at all, you can walk! You can register for the walk here. 
  2. Grab your popcorns for a heartwarming movie screening of “He Named Me Malala”. The documentary tells a story about a brave teenage Pakistani girl that campaigned for the right of women to be educated. The movie will be screened for the first time here in Bahrain on May 6, from 6:30 PM to 9 PM, at the Isa Cultural Center – Main Hall. The fun doesn’t end there! There’s going to be a discussion right after the movie featuring Eman Nooruddin, Fajer AlHashel, Sohara Mehroze, and Basima Abdulrahman. Register for FREE here! 
  3. Rub shoulders with influential women at the Speed Networking session. This will be held on the second day of the summit, and guess what? This session is the perfect opportunity for you to go say hi and connect with some of the greatest female figures in Bahrain. The session will gather different women speakers and attendees together to exchange information. For a set period of time, the participants will sit down with one of the speakers and have a small chat. The session is only open to women and will be held on May 7, from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Isa Cultural Center. Register here! 
  4. Learn all about Diversity & Inclusion. Leena Al Olaimy, Co-Founder & Managing Director of 3BL Associates will be giving a 90-minute highly interactive workshop where you can learn all about diversity and inclusion within workspaces. The seminar will be held on May 7th, at 5 PM to 6:30 PM. 
  5. Spotlight Sessions. The Women Power Summit is going to shed light on the experiences and journeys Bahraini women have undergone. Some of these Spotlight sessions include:
      • Writing Your Name in History, with spotlight speaker, Dr. Fatima Al Balooshi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Ex Minister of Social Development, Health, Human Rights, interviewed by Noora Al Mutawa, Senior Editor of Public Relations at His Royal Highness’s The Prime Minister’s Office.
      • CEO Spotlight, the Laws of Leadership, with spotlight speaker, Najla Al Shirawi, CEO of SICO, interviewed by Banah Anabtawi, Musician and Radio Host.
      • How can I be the Boss? With Spotlight Speaker Hadyah Fathalla, Executive Director of Bahrain C5 Capital Ltd, interviewed by Ehdaa Al Musawi.
      • The First Name, A Women, with Spotlight Speaker Mona AlMoayyed, Managing Director of YK Almoayyed & Sons and interviewed by Eman Shaheen, Deputy Editor-Business in Gulf.
      • Raising Your Voice, with Spotlight Speaker Loujain Al Hathloul, Women’s rights activist and a social media figure, interviewed by Nadia Muijers, Management Consultant & Founder, Alphard Consulting.

  6. Panel Discussions. These strong women are also going to tackle some hardcore controversial topics that women face on a daily basis. Some of these panel discussion include:
  7. Seminars. It isn’t just panel discussions and spotlights, there’s much more! Attendees will also get to experience practical seminars and workshops:

Of course, there are many more AWESOME sessions happening at the Women Power Summit. Make sure you check out the entire agenda here! And don’t forget to get your tickets here!

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Bayan Al-A'abed

Bayan Al-A'abed