6 reasons why you should start using Zoho Books for your Bahraini startup

Gone were the days where companies used to record their cash flows, invoices, bills, and expenses on pen and paper – most if not all companies have migrated to the wonders of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or Google Sheet. But what if we tell you that there’s more of a magical solution to all of this? You get to access it everywhere and anywhere, with little to no hassle at all. 

Meet Zoho Books, a VAT compliant online accounting software, built solely for your business to help you manage your finances and stay on top of your cash flow. The software is pretty straightforward as you can set up within a few minutes, and you can even customize it based on your needs whereby it allows you to build layers of functionality to support your business models. Apart from sending VAT compliant invoices, Zoho Books allows you to manage your inventory and set reorder points to replenish stock, and you can even work together with your accountants and colleagues.

Still need a little bit of a push to convince you? Well here are some awesome features that Zoho Books can offer you:

  1. Client Portal. Through this portal, any business can share their recent transactions, accelerate their estimate approval process as they will be able to share quotes with clients and start a discussion, all on the same platform – saving you time and energy as you don’t have to go back and forth with long email threads. Not only that, but the client portal also simplifies the payment process as it allows clients to make bulk payments with just a single click. In addition, the portal notifies the business when a client views, accepts, declines, comments or makes payments. 
  2. Online Payments. Zoho Books is integrated with popular payment gateways, that provides you with a hassle-free environment to collect online payments from your customers. Some of the payment gateways include PayTabs, PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout,  and more. It also helps businesses manage recurring payments as they can auto-charge for recurring transactions and collect payments automatically on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. And of course, it sends out automatic reminders to customers about their payments, so businesses do not worry about having to send those manually.
  3. Reporting. Zoho Books allows you to turn your data into information. Meaning that you can view your Dashboards, reports, and charts covering all your receivables, payables, inventory and more. While viewing your dashboard, you can see the details of your income and expenditure, in addition to showing you the total of receivables, sales, top expenses and more. This, in turn, will help you make informed business decisions without having to wait until the end of the month to generate business reports.
  4. Documents. You can streamline and store all of your documents in one place and attach them to transactions. You can simply scan your receipts, invoices, or bill with Zoho’s auto-scan option and the software will extract key information that’s ready to be converted into transactions. Zoho Books can also turn your inbox into a workspace as you and your contacts can email files to the inbox and from there you can create transactions straightway. It also increase collaboration with your accountant as you can attach pictures of your receipts or bills or even tax-related documents to the transactions, allowing for more visibility and transparency.
  5. Mobile. Busy? Have a meeting to catch, but you still need to figure out your finances? Zoho has planned it all out for you with their mobile apps. You can reach out to your customers, send them invoices, estimates and account statements. You can capture and upload expense receipts, get some quick insights from the dashboard and more. Zoho’s mobile app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows.
  6. VAT Compliant. Have you registered for VAT yet? Well you should to avoid penalties and be able to reclaim whatever VAT costs that have been incurred on your startup. Startup with expenses exceeding the threshold of 18750 BHD can register for VAT and claim the VAT paid for those expenses and Zoho Books can help you with that.

It’s also worth noting that Zoho Books has been accredited by FTA in the UAE and GAZT in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Got you excited? How about we make it all real for you by telling you that you can try out Zoho Books for 14 days for FREE! And no credit card is needed! 

Make sure you check out Zoho’s website for more information on their products and services. And follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to be up to date with their upcoming announcements.

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