6 exciting e-commerce platforms from the region to check out!

The Middle East is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world. There has been an accelerated movement towards online shopping and a noticeable change in consumer behavior towards the online realm, even more so after the pandemic. Can you imagine that e-commerce in the Gulf States alone was estimated to quadruple from $5 billion in profits in 2015 to $20 billion before 2020, some analysts are even predicting the increase to reach $50 billion in 2025. So what is it about e-commerce that people love so much? 

Over the years online shopping platforms have made people’s lives easier by improving user experience. It’s also relatively cheaper to buy online making e-commerce more attractive to customers, and surely let’s not forget that customers are finding it way safer to shop online due to the COVID-19 outbreak! 

Now, there’s a lot of e-commerce platforms out there to choose from, but we’ve listed the 6 regional platforms that we just can’t get enough of! 

  1. Feel22 

Your favorite Lebanese brands all under one roof! This e-commerce platform has gained a lot of hype with over 100,000 satisfied customers in Lebanon. Feel22 was first launched in Iraq in 2019, and with growing success the company launched Feel 22 International in 2020, offering customers a selection of makeup, skincare, perfumes, and other beauty products. Feel22 is home to more than 400 brands with over 20,000 products on the platform. 

  1. Jamalon

The book lovers paradise! Jamalon is one of the largest online bookstores in the Middle East, offering more than 10 million titles of Arabic and English books, with diverse genres ranging from self-help, fiction, art as well as a diverse Arabic selection too. We think it’s definitely worth checking out! 

  1. Caza Souq

If you’re a gamer then you’ll definitely want to check out this Bahraini homegrown e-commerce platform! Caza Souq sells everything from PC parts and gaming mouses to specialized gaming eyeglasses and much more, a very interesting concept we must say! 

  1. Adasat

A Dubai-based homegrown startup that delivers to the GCC region. Adasat started its operations in 2019. Customers can shop for eyeglasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses from the top brands around the world. They provide a really cool premium service in Dubai called the “Home Try-On” allowing customers to select up to 4 items to try on delivering it to them at their doorstep, another cool added value for customers is their 4-hour delivery policy for Dubai residents. We absolutely love it! 

  1. Mumz World

As the name implies Mumz World is really every mother’s dream. It has everything from baby gear (strollers, walkers, car seats) to baby books, and for those who are expecting there’s a special section for maternity clothing and personal care. The site is very easy to navigate and we absolutely love it! 

  1. Sept 

A Bahraini-born App that personalizes online shopping! Sept has partnered with e-tailers like FarFatech, Matches Fashion, and Moda Operandi to name a few. Some of the cool features in the app include SWIPING – The more you swipe “ME” or “NOT ME” on items while you shop, the more SEPT gets to know what you love. Another cool feature of the app is Today for me -Sept sends you products just for you. No more scrolls. We just love all that this app has to offer! 

Those are our top 6 platforms that we think you should explore. Many interesting innovative platforms have surfaced during the years that cater to niche markets as digitalized solutions help raise opportunities in the regional e-commerce sector. In addition, the pandemic also piloted innovation and rejuvenated several sectors, and led to the growth and adoption of digital solutions. 
We’re really excited and curious to know more about your shopping experiences! Tell us about e-commerce sites that you love! Talk to us on our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedln.

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