5 reasons why you’d want to sign up your kids in Zain’s STEAM Robotics Program

As we’re gradually entering the digital era, with an abundance of technological advancements happening around us –from ordering our necessities and wants online, reading e-books, turning the lights using your phone, to using bots to do some of our mundane daily tasks– one must be ready and have the upcoming generation prepared for the next wave of digitization.

This is why Zain Bahrain in collaboration with Al-Ruwad Centre launched their STEAM Robotics program to kids from ages 6 to 16. The STEAM Robotics program is not only designed to keep kids occupied during summer, but also to equip the upcoming generation with a set of skills that will help them out in the future. During the program, kids get the opportunity to build a robot from scratch and learn how to operate it through coding. Isn’t it exciting?

Startup MGZN spoke to several people from Zain Bahrain and Al-Ruwad Centre, that took part in launching such a great initiative. Here are some of their thoughts on why they kicked off the STEAM Robotics program:

  1. The more, the merrier. We’re referring to skill sets here. It’s important to continuously introduce kids to different activities as it not only helps them discover what they’re passionate about, but it also improves their set of skills. According to Shaikh Abdulla Al-Khalifa, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Director at Zain Bahrain, they’re introducing the STEAM Robotics program because it’s one of those skill sets that are not focused on in Bahrain. “At the end of the day we live in a world filled with technology and new skill sets have been created along the line,” he shares.

  2. It’s a digital era! Get on board! Ahmed Haqiqi Manager, Digital Innovation & Marketing Communication at Zain Bahrain, tells us that Zain Bahrain has always been an opportunity enabler that strives to bring unique experiences to the table. “Digitization and innovation is the future, and the whole world is evolving. Whether it’s mobile applications, game development, or IoT,” Ahmed shares. This is why Zain Bahrain decided to launch the STEAM Robotics program with the main focus on kids as it’s going to prepare them for the future. He also adds that Zain is the first telecom operator to launch such an educational program in the country.

  3. No smart employer would turn them down. Shaikh Abdulla states that the idea of STEAM is to ensure that these skill sets taught in the program remain with the kids as they grow so that by the time they graduate they’re already skilled up for the job market. The program offers game development, building robots, mad science, arts, and a bunch of other activities that will help improve the skill sets of children and make them attractive to employers as they enter the job market.

  4. Increase awareness about STEAM education. Jalil Sharaf, CEO of Al-Ruwad center, tells us that the aim of this program is to increase awareness about STEAM education, and the usage of robots in the educational process. This comes as part of Zain’s ongoing efforts to incorporate creative education styles that benefits children and allows them to have an enjoyable learning experience by engaging in aspects of game development and real-life robotics.

  5. Problem-solving is going to be a piece of cake. “We also recognize that between 6 years and 16, that’s when children have a big mindset for innovation, so it’s the perfect time for them to learn,” Shaikh Abdulla shares. Since technology is all about innovation and solving problems, this sharpens the skills of children and enable them to think in creative ways not only within IT but also in their professional and personal lives

If you’d like to know more about Zain Bahrain initiative check out their website here. You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for future announcements.


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