5 Netflix movies & shows every entrepreneur should watch

Getting inspired with new innovative ideas or solutions to problems is sometimes a struggle for entrepreneurs. Different types of people get inspired in different ways; sometimes it’s a conversation with a friend or an experience that left an impact. 

We can all agree that storytelling is one the most effective ways to spark creativity and ideas. Certain films can provide entrepreneur’s real actionable business lessons and strategies that they can apply to their own business, or help them overcome a current problem they are facing. Do you feel like you need that extra push to get your creativity flowing? Want to get inspired? Let us help! 

Here are five movies we think every entrepreneur should watch:

  1. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.

This epic movie sheds light on the real-life struggle that innovation goes through. Ever heard the saying “Necessity is the mother of innovation”? This movie portrays just that. 

Even though resources may be scarce and the environment might not be ideal, having determination, putting in hard work, and having a productive team to help might be the only things you need to launch a successful venture. People might not believe in you along the way, but it’s your willpower that is the real fuel for success. Believe in yourself. 

  1. Moneyball.

 As entrepreneurs learning to adapt to a changing environment is key to survival, understanding the environment and analyzing situations that might affect your business is key, but also follow your gut instinct. 

This movie showcases how believing in your team and taking risks in their abilities can give you great success in the long run. Mentoring your employees and pushing them to get out of their comfort zone might be the best gift you can give them. Invest in your team’s potential. 

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to set clear goals for yourself, the more specific you are the greater chances your goals will be reached. Charisma and self-esteem also go a long way when dealing with investors and clients. A very inspirational quote we loved from this movie is “I’m a student of history, and I’m a firm believer that he who doesn’t study the mistakes of the past is doomed to repeat them” – Jordan Belfort.

  1. The Social Network.

 One of the best takeaways from this movie is the importance of creating a great product that users will love which eventually will create an active and loyal customer base, as the saying goes “ When you have a great product, money will follow.” 

See Also

  1. The Minimalists – Less is Now.

This series sheds light on many great entrepreneurial lessons; for example, the importance of reflecting on the way you’re currently doing things. Asking yourself if your priorities are in the right place? Are you happy with the results you’re getting? 

The series also helps entrepreneurs with the process of decluttering; lifting the weight of all the “stuff” on their shoulders. It also takes us through setting attainable goals: you don’t have to do it all right now, focus on one thing at a time once that’s up and running then only do you focus on your next goal. It takes us through what it means to have a “minimalist lifestyle” whilst still running a successful business. The movie incorporates many great takeaways that would be great to adapt to our lifestyles. 

Each of these films tackles different aspects of the entrepreneurship journey and seeing how people have dealt with certain situations and the processes that worked for them might unlock the creativity within you, as well as shed light on matters you might not have thought of. It’s important to disconnect from time to time because inspiration takes time as well as patience and might appear when you least expect it. 

Do you have any specific movies that you felt helped inspire you with your startup? We’d love to hear them. Reach out to us through our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedln.

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