Communication is one of the most important qualities in every team. If you’re not able to have a clear cut and definitive method of conversing with your team members, then there’s a high chance that your startup will fail.

This is why Slack is a great tool to be utilized by every Bahraini startup. Not only does it allows you to effectively communicate with your team, but you can also stay in touch with other startups and entrepreneurs and be up to date with current events going on around Bahrain.

Here are four crucial reasons why your startup needs Slack:

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  1. All communication is within one place – We know how overwhelming it is to switch from email, text messaging, Skype and other tabs. With Slack, everything happens in one place, and can even be segmented by creating ‘Channels’ for different topics: Events, Discussions, Development, Resources etc. You can assign users to multiple of these channels, or only one of them, depending on your preference.
  2. Integration – Slack allows you to add in some of the useful web services that you use on a daily basis, which can include: GitHub (used for notification and viewing code checkins), HelpScout (email support), Trello (project organization tool) to name a few. Here’s the full list of web services you can integrate within Slack.
  3. File Sharing – Slack also makes it very simple to share files quickly with the entire team, and you don’t have to worry about the file losing its high quality. You can even use Dropbox within Slack!
  4. Coding – If you’re running a website or an app, you’ve probably started the process of balding. We can relate. But with Slack, it makes it possible to share and test some of your code snippets with your entire team. Additionally, the ones you create within Slack, tends to stay within Slack’s portal and is available for you at all time for futuristic uses.

Slack is accessible anywhere and everywhere. You can use it through your phone, tablet and computer. It’s available for Microsoft, Android, and Apple devices. It has two pricing strategies: BD2.5 per month and BD3 per month.

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