Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications provider in the Kingdom, launched a Productivity Improvement Practice (PIP) Certification program for a selected pool of 31 internal Zain Bahrain employees champions as part of Zain’s digital transformation strategy to enrich all its employees with concepts, tools, and application of productivity improvement.

Zain Bahrain introduced the certification program on Productivity Improvement Practice (PIP) for its employee which was developed by JAFCON Consultants and recognized as Professional Qualification (Level 5) by the Awarding and Assessment Organization for Qualifications in the UK (NOCN). After passing the initial evaluation, Zain Bahrain’s selected 31 employees took part in a three-day interactive workshop, in which they have received the executive level certificate of the Productivity Improvement Practice (PIP) program.

The productivity improvement practice workshop will be followed by a 10 weeks practitioner level field-study where the team will adapt and implement internationally recognized productivity enhancement techniques and tools, resulting in a Professional Certificate (NOCN Level 5 Certificate in Productivity Improvement Practice). The Productivity Improvement Practice (PIP) program initiative aims at improving Zain’s Bahrain operation efficiency, increase the flow and the quality of work which has a positive impact on customer service. The selected employees will then also support their colleagues to identify and roll out additional productivity improvement projects in their own areas.

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Zain Bahrain is committed to the development of its employees, and to ensuring that they are both trained to perform their duties and motivated to think out of the box.

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