Zain Bahrain has some exciting opportunities for the Bahraini youth as it revamps its Youth Empowerment Program

Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications provider in the Kingdom, has relaunched its youth empowerment program under the new name of Zain Youth. Leveraging the knowledge gathered over almost a decade of youth development under the program’s previous name, Future University Network, the revamped initiative aims to empower young Bahrainis with the skills needed for them to succeed in their future careers, whatever path they may choose to follow. 

Zain Youth was relaunched during at the event held at Zain Bahrain’s headquarters, at which the company discussed the future of the program, alongside panels of human development experts. 

Since Zain Bahrain launched the Future University Network (FUN) in 2009, upwards of 1,500 Bahraini university students between the ages 19-24 benefited from the program development schemes. Statistics demonstrate that up to 80% of the students who participated in the program over the course of the last nine years have had access to better opportunities. 

The newly launched program, Zain Youth, takes FUN to the next level, by providing participants with skills that not only enable them to enter today’s workforce, but that prepare them for the careers and market requirements of tomorrow, too. Developed in collaboration with leading training organizations and drawing on the success of FUN, Zain Youth is focused on upskilling young Bahrainis with the abilities that are identified by the World Economic Forum as being fundamental components of the 2020 workplace.  

Speaking on the platform’s relaunch, Mohammed Zainalabedin, General Manager of Zain Bahrain, said: “Our commitment, since day one, has been to empower the young members of our society with the tools they need to not only be successful but to thrive. Life is all about overcoming challenges; Zain Youth will prepare talented Bahraini youth with the skills needed to tackle a workplace that is evolving under the influence of technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We want to empower youth with the capacity, the skills and, the confidence to become the leaders of tomorrow’s workplaces, to become successful entrepreneurs, to contribute to the development and growth of the Bahraini economy and community. It is our immense pleasure to have seen so many of our former program participants go on to become successful in their careers, and we look forward to enabling and inspiring more to go forth and achieve their dreams.” 

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Dana Bukhammas, Director of Human Resources at Zain Bahrain, commented: “Zain Youth is developed around four key pillars to provide targeted training opportunities to all participants. The Future Pioneers focuses on developing real working experiences and developing employability skills over a three-year period; The Last Chapter pairs students with a mentor to help guide them forward; The Summer Internship provides real working exposure over a two-month placement, and The Mentor pillar targets school students in grades 11-12 in government and private schools, to give them a head start in thinking about their career so they can choose the right academic path. We’ve designed these pillars to be complementary to one another while also being solid individual platforms for development, thereby providing the most possible exposure and opportunity to Bahraini youth.” 

To find out more about Zain Youth, or if you are a student wishing to apply, please visit 

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