Zain Bahrain, a leading telecommunications provider in the Kingdom, announced that Ericsson’s state of the art Outdoor Enclosure 6150 HEX/AirCon has been utilized by the operator to install indoor mobile sites with shelters and air-conditioning.

The original systems that Zain Bahrain was using consumed high amounts of power, and operational costs. Ericsson’s Enclosure is a multi-purpose site cabinet, which is designed to support a multitude of radio equipment, providing a highly capable power system and battery back-up; all in a streamlined design and minimized footprint to support the cost-efficient expansion of mobile broadband, as well as aligning with the national environmental plan which is part of Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030.

Salah Jalal, Acting Technology Director, Zain Bahrain says: “As a future-focused corporation, Zain is delighted to once again implement Ericsson’s solutions to enhance our capabilities and ensure we continue to stay ahead of the curve both technically and environmentally as we expand. We look forward to the ongoing benefits that this new and improved technology will afford both our customers and ourselves.”

There is an increased focus on energy efficiency, with the cost pressure leading more operators to review their energy bills, and seeking ways of reducing their costs. On a network level, sites are beginning to require intelligent energy management and traffic control.

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Wojciech Bajda, Head of Ericsson Gulf Council Countries, says: “At Ericsson we have strived to make the Enclosure 6150 to future-proof sites, and add flexibility for our customers, with rack space readily available for added baseband and PSU capacity. We are committed to lowering the overall total costs for our clients, as well as improving the speed of our units; and supporting the environmental campaigns that are occurring not only in Bahrain, but all over the world.”

Lowering costs was a primary focus when Ericsson was developing the ERS 6150 Enclosure. This was achieved by ensuring there are smart requirement settings and design choices.

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