What is the WorldSkills Event at Abu Dhabi all about?

It is under the futuristic vision and sagacious support of His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, that the much-awaited WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 event is successfully underway and attracting immense attention.

As in today’s world, one of the first interactions a child experience is with smart technologies, it is only appropriate that the advanced form of these technologies should be used to enhance the learning capabilities of the young minds and chisel their lifelong skills. General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed passionately talked about his ambitions during the inauguration of the Youth Centre as well, ‘”We expect from our youth great contributions to their nation, as they are the source of initiatives and leading ideas, and their contributions make us confident of a promising future.”

The determination of Abu Dhabi government towards a competitive educational future of the youth is evident in their decision to employ Emirati School Model across all government-owned and private schools that follow government curriculum, earlier this year in September. The objective is to ensure the provision of the same standard of curriculum to all students everywhere and access to ‘first-rate education.’

The decision could not have come at a more suitable time as it falls in line with the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 which aims at transforming the roadmap of socio-economic infrastructure with greater reliance on natural sustainable energies and pursuance of green technologies. The use of Google Applications for education has become an integral part of the same vision and has gained considerable popularity in advanced learning approaches over time. Google Education Apps are actively contributing towards learn-by-doing methodologies and working to completely transform the educational structure in the Middle East.

On that note, as the WorldSkills event shoots towards the skies with Etihad Airways, the on-ground response is nothing short of outstanding. Munfarid Consulting has the honor of showcasing its innovative and interactive AR/VR technology at this great vocational education and skills event together with its Google Education Partner Learn IT, currently serving over 150 schools. The VRXOne kit is on display for visitors’ first-hand experience and features Google Expeditions with 700+ ready lessons and a host of other Virtual Reality-based learning applications. The kit is fully customizable for its optimal use in any learning or training environment.

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Virtual Reality has a proven standing in enhancing learning and skills development through innovative and creative solutions. VR technology is already being successfully employed worldwide in education, architecture, healthcare as well as military, and is ripe for further penetration into these sectors and more. An estimated $95b will have been invested in AR/VR applications by the year 2025 with VR technology claiming over 75% share of the global market (source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research).

Munfarid Consulting is confident in offering solutions that will revolutionize the existing learning and training methodologies used in education, corporate training, healthcare and military exercises. The WorldSkills event has proven to be an ideal platform in further raising awareness about this incredible VR technology-aided learning technique in an efficient, flexible and risk-free way like never before.

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