Water Delivery App WaterWa launches in Bahrain!


Press Release

Water delivery app WaterWa has launched in The Kingdom of Bahrain with perfect timing, just before the holy month of Ramadan. Created and developed in the UAE, WaterWa’s expansion strategy rightly focuses on the tech-savvy, forward-thinking and cosmopolitan population of Bahrain.

Witnessing record-breaking sales within the first month (provide sales volume in BH), WaterWa has made life easier for people by offering a wide variety of drinking water, conveniently delivered to their doorstep. Through the WaterWa app, customers can compare brands and prices, and schedule and standardize their orders from the comfort of their home.

From small to large bottle cartons, to large gallons, WaterWa has quickly become a sensible solution for people who can’t or simply don’t want to carry heavy cartons of water from the supermarket to their homes. 

Especially advantageous for single women, senior citizens, the disabled and people from large households, WaterWa offers much-needed assistance. Meanwhile, “with the current COVID-19 spread, and the necessity to reduce exposure, practice quarantine, and stay safe, the WaterWa app is the absolute solution in these dire times, especially with the onset of our hot summers”, says CEO Abdulla Yusuf Najem.. 

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Quickly becoming a rising star among investors and consumers alike, the WaterWA app allows customers to subscribe for weekly or monthly deliveries to homes and offices while enjoying the simplicity of cash-on-delivery payment or via credit cards directly on the app itself.

The WaterWa app is available on both Android and iOS – to download the app or simply read more please visit www.waterwa.com

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