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This women-focused recruitment platform just raised seed funding, find out who they are

Hopscotch, a Dubai-based women recruitment firm just raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Tim Baker, co-founder of the startup Hug Digital. With the new funds, Hopscotch is planning on rebranding into a tech recruitment platform.

The startup was launched back in 2016 with the aim of making workplaces a more accessible and suitable place for professional women across the Middle East and Asia. Hopscotch also aims to create a community of skilled women and at the same time help them achieve a work-life balance.

Helen McGuire, co-founder and MD, Hopscotch states that the capital raised will be invested in digitizing the platform and promoting it. “However, this is just phase one of our digitization, so further funds will be utilized to expand the online offering and make it open to businesses both here and in Asia. We will also use funds to staff our office in Asia from Q3 this year as part of our expansion,” Helen adds. With the new funding, Hopscotch’s network of “over 50,000” are now going to be able to create their own online profiles and connect with businesses and other women.

Investor Tim Baker, also commented on the funding stating: “Having been involved in launching and growing a digital agency for the last eight years, I’ve personally always wanted to get deeper into creating a disruptive digital product. I’ve loved watching Helen and Justin [co-founder Justin McGuire] tackle a serious but obvious need, in supporting women in their job hunt, training, and personal development. It seemed like a natural fit to support their ambition and help deliver this with a strong digital, global offering in order to reach and connect more women.”

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