The Relationship Between Startups And Their Service Provider

When the fastest growing sector of the market are small-to-medium businesses, service providers need to be SME friendly. Batelco knows how

The role of the communications service provider (CSP) has evolved from being the provider of basic telecommunication services, such as voice, Internet and mobile, to becoming an essential part of the community and economy.

You can measure the attractiveness and success of an economy by gauging how versatile and advanced its telecommunication infrastructure is.

Startups and SMEs are a part of that economy and addressing its needs would require special attention. I remember reading reports back in 2007 claiming that there were around 40,000 SMEs in Bahrain at the time. With the current available options to fund and start up businesses, I can safely deduce that the number must have gone up. Imagine the size and potential a segment growing that big.

In order to thrive and succeed in a challenging economy, SMEs need to work smarter, armed with the right tools. Communication is integral to that success; engaging with the different and all stakeholders in any business is essential to have things on track.

Technology plays a big role in the efficiency of SMEs and its growth. CSPs need to leverage and work together to be the technology provider for SMEs. SMEs are looking for a trusted provider to meet all their demands in a convenient, reliable, and affordable service bundle.

CSPs can transform from being connectivity providers into exploring new opportunities while meeting the needs of SMEs.

Understanding the nature of challenges faced by SMEs helps CSPs offer better ICT services. Tailor-made packages and on-demand services and offers are all potential areas that CSPs can leverage. Here’s what you might need for your business from your service provider:

Mobile services (voice and data), where you can set up your own mobile group and benefit from special rates.

Voice line for the office, made more efficient with some extensions.

High-speed internet connectivity.

Fax or eFax service, although seems outdated but remains necessary.

Email service, perhaps enhancing it with some collaboration tools.

Web hosting and a domain name, or even taking it to the next level with  e-commerce solutions.

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CRM, accounting and other applications as well as servers or virtual servers to run the operations.

Cloud services where the CSP bears the cost of the infrastructure and management while  the business owner enjoys a pay-as-you-go service at a nominal fee.

Security and surveillance services are getting more affordable each year, thus enabling business to keep their assets safe and secure.

CSPs can look into more services and offer a one-stop-shop solution to fulfill the needs of the business. Business owners would truly benefit if these services were  at a competitive price, and when combined with excellent support, business owners can focus on their core business and start making money.

Batelco has overseen that the needs of SMEs are actualized through their packages and services. Today, many of the aforementioned services can be fulfilled, either separately or through bundles. Batelco also realized the importance of keeping the local SME community up to date on the latest technologies that could assist them. In December of last year and for the second year, Batelco held its annual Commtech event with an exceptional line of speakers, attracting an unsurprisingly high number of attendees.

We still strive to be the “SME Friendly” CSP, the one-stop-shop technology partner to help any SME prosper and overcome its challenges. The future looks bright; let’s make it brighter.

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