Tamkeen’s annual Consultation Forum presents its upcoming strategy according to the changes the market has gone through after the COVID-19 pandemic

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Labour Fund “Tamkeen”, 14th December 2020: The Chairman of the Labour Fund “Tamkeen”, Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa, emphasized the importance of Tamkeen’s next phase, especially in light of the economic repercussions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Shaikh Mohammed further stressed the restructuring of the current methodologies in response to the market changes, by supporting the adoption of technology within enterprises allowing them to be much more efficient and sustainable. He also mentioned that Tamkeen’s support will be focusing on supporting the operations of businesses and empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to manage their businesses with effective, creative, and flexible control.

This came during the opening speech delivered by Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa at this year’s annual Consultation Forum, which was held virtually, on Monday, December 14th, with the participation of Tamkeen’s customers and representatives of the private and public sectors.

At the forum, Sh. Mohammed praised the pivotal role and efforts of Tamkeen’s customers, and their important attendance during this event since they’re an active and essential element in the success of Tamkeen’s upcoming strategy. Especially since the forum provides the customers with an opportunity to share their feedback and suggestions regarding Tamkeen’s program, allowing them to take part in the process of enhancing the current programs and services to enhance the sustainability of their business, while expressing their business needs.

The Chief Executive of Tamkeen, Dr. Ebrahim Janahi also highlighted Tamkeen’s achievements that have contributed towards establishing a solid foundation for the growth of the national economy, especially during 2020, with the role of the Business Continuity Support program which has played an integral part in supporting businesses and helping them overcome the economic repercussions caused by the spread of the global pandemic.

Dr. Janahi said: “The next stage is a continuation of what we have already started with our strategies. The most important element of this strategy is to focus on transforming the methodologies within businesses – an element which has proved its importance after the pandemic outbreak, and the upcoming strategy is focusing on just that. The coming strategy will help businesses achieve their greatest efficiency, while being sustainable and cost effective.”

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Dr. Janahi also mentions that the upcoming strategy, which covers 2021-2026, will be based on achieving such changes focusing on further supporting startups, and improving the efficiency of its programs, while expanding the financial schemes. The strategy seeks to create high level job opportunities, in addition to creating new financial resources, and providing innovative ideas to combat economic challenges. According to Dr. Janahi, the strategy will also focus on digital transformation to ensure flexibility and sustainability within the workforce, while having training programs tailored towards the needs of each segment.

The forum’s agenda included a presentation of the most important achievements and strategic directions of Tamkeen according to the changes the market has gone through after the pandemic. After the presentation, attendees were assigned to breakout rooms, under four main categories: Business Development Support, Individuals Development Support, Startups and Entrepreneurship, Youth and Students.

The forum concluded with the recommendation of meeting the needs of the market, especially when it comes to the growth of the private sector enterprises, and enhancing the professional and creative skills of employees, which is in line with the next transformative phase in the business and economic sector post-pandemic, to help accelerate the growth of businesses, and efficiently respond to the new market. The recommendations also emphasized supporting enterprises that are able to expand globally, develop, and are technology driven, alongside supported startups through the Enterprise Support Program and other initiatives. 

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