Tamkeen CEO: “The upcoming strategy for the next five years focuses on productivity and impact”

Press Release.

29th March 2021 – The Chief Executive of the Kingdom’s Labour Fund “Tamkeen”, Mr. Hussain Mohammed Rajab, today held a virtual press conference with editors-in-chief of the local newspapers to discuss Tamkeen’s 5-year strategy for its Business Development Program. 

During the press conference, CEO Mr. Rajab, stated that Tamkeen’s strategy for the upcoming phase will focus on sectors with the most sustainable impact.

Mr. Rajab briefed the editors-in-chief of the local newspapers on the most prominent features of the upcoming work phase, to enhance the pioneering role of Tamkeen in creating a promising economy for the Kingdom that would benefit both the citizen, and the economy, as well as organizing productivity and support opportunities within the framework of actual market needs.

Mr. Rajab highlighted that Tamkeen’s work is based on complete transparency. In this regard, Mr. Rajab noted that the customers benefiting from Tamkeen’s services are key partners that contribute towards the country’s economic development and called on enterprises in the private sector to make use of Tamkeen’s services to improve their business and upskill their employees. 

Mr. Rajab further highlighted Tamkeen’s plan over the next years, where it will continue being the engine for economic growth, while the focus will shift towards enterprises that aim to boost their productivity and cause higher impact on the economy. 

The Business Development Program: Change through impact

Tamkeen recently announced the relaunch of its Business Development Program, where new updates were made according to the new strategy, and the current and future market needs. According to Mr. Rajab, these changes are made to provide enterprises with the opportunity to enhance their growth and impact.

To achieve impact, Mr. Rajab noted that the Business Development Program will support enterprises with clear objectives for development, and plan on adopting innovative solutions to enhance their productivity and expand operations, emphasizing that the aim is to ensure an optimal utilization of Tamkeen’s budget to invest in the development of enterprises that are able to continue thriving in the market.

Mr. Rajab emphasized that the market needs a strategic partnership between Tamkeen and its customers, to collaborate and work together towards positive change, and to focus on promising enterprises across various economic sectors. This is in line with Tamkeen’s strategy of supporting emerging startups and improving the quality of their work and products, expand the access to finance, and invest in digitization for a flexible and more productive work environment, in addition to ensuring that training opportunities meet the needs of each segment, profession, and sector. 

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Mr. Rajab also touched on the number of initiatives and programs that Tamkeen has relaunched based on the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, which includes the second edition of the National Employment Program, held in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Development. In addition to the Individual Development Platform launched by Tamkeen which targets all Bahraini individuals, including job seekers, employees, students, and business owners.

The Chief Executive stressed on the importance of meeting the requirements of the next stage in the labour market in terms of upskilling Bahrainis and identifying protentional opportunities for growth, to invest in Bahraini human capital, especially since the market is going through dynamic changes after the global spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As such, Mr. Rajab stated that Tamkeen’s Individual Development Platform provides the necessary support to individuals to enhance their professional skills, through its Professional Certifications and various training courses for employment. Moreover, the platform provides youth with on-the-job trainings and internships, and workshops on how to obtain the required licenses, as well as vocational training initiatives which is offered in partnership with institutions, to enhance their skills and prepare them for the job market. 

Mr. Rajab concluded the press conference, expressing his optimism regarding the national efforts, and their role in creating job opportunities and providing innovative solutions for economic growth. 

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