Region’s first email security firm, DMARC360 announces its locally hosted platform in Saudi Arabia

DMARC360, a Bahraini technology startup, known for being the region’s first and only cloud-based DMARC intelligence platform, has announced its locally hosted platform dedicated to Saudi Arabia. The localization of data is as per the regulatory framework set by the Communication & Information Technology Commission, KSA.

Email is involved in about 92% of malware attacks globally, according to the telecommunications company, Verizon. For years the security industry has struggled on how to manage and address this situation since the initial email protocol design did not include any security checks. Despite the various security frameworks and tools introduced over the years, regulators across the globe have found the DMARC framework to be the most critical in any organization’s security infrastructure. The framework was designed to manage the issue of email impersonation and ensuring email content isn’t being tampered with during transit.

DMARC360, based out of the middle east, has taken on the initiative to ensure DMARC compliance and awareness across the region by developing the required technology platform. Last month, they had partnered up with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) to eradicate cyber risks involved with email and to improve the region’s cyber readiness. DMARC360 enhances email deliverability by assisting their clients’ implementation of DMARC policies through a cloud-based intelligent incident response/reporting platform.

“DMARC is a powerful tool to defend against email domain spoofing, and GCA has worked tirelessly to advocate global adoption across public and private organizations. We congratulate our partner DMARC360 for the deployment of its DMARC platform in Saudi Arabia, thus expanding the DMARC footprint across the Middle East and further empowering organizations to implement important cybersecurity measures,” GCA President and CEO Philip Reitinger.

With growing concerns of offshore data storage and requirements from regulatory authorities to have their data hosted within their country, DMARC360 has been able to address the needs successfully. The approach of DMARC360 locally hosted platform in Saudi Arabia, will not only benefit the Saudi Arabian audience but also to any country that may need to host their data within the region/country.

“We have had the leading advantage of being the region’s first locally hosted DMARC platform in Saudi Arabia. The swift implementation of Virtual Vision’s cloud services has given DMARC360 the tactical advantage of being a forerunner in DMARC compliance across the region,” Abdullah Mirza, Director-Strategy & Growth, DMARC360.

Further to data localization in Saudi Arabia, DMARC360 also plans to implement the same strategy for UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and many more. This approach of localizing data enables DMARC360 to become the leading global service provider in this field.

“It’s great to be able to partner up with such a fast-paced company as DMARC360. They have truly been able to prove their parent company’s, EDX Labs, the rationale of ‘building locally & scaling globally’ as a regional company serving at par with global vendors,” Hazem Sondouka, COO at Virtual Vision.

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