Over 30 Exports to 25 Markets Across the Globe Reported by Export Bahrain

Export Bahrain reported its first year results since its inception in November 2018 as a key initiative of the Kingdom’s national SME Development Board. Exports valued at over USD 15.5 Million were reported with more than 30 exporters targeting markets around the world and representing a key milestone for Bahrain’s new export development initiative.

The 30 exporters made significant progress expanding into 25 markets around the world, including GCC countries, the United States of America, Russia, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Brazil, Canada, South Korea and many more. Export Bahrain offer a diverse portfolio of export-based solutions through 9 unique service lines, which are free to access for the business community.

These solutions aim to support the exporter throughout their export journey to achieve one or more of a number of objectives, including raising the volume of exports, encourage new exporters, diversify export destinations, promote national content development and internationalization of businesses.

Export Bahrain’s service portfolio include Export Financing, Export Credit Insurance, Export Shipment Solutions, Market Intelligence, Business to Business Facilitation and Deal Support along with Advisory services and growing portfolio of new solutions that will support Bahraini businesses and exporters at all stages of their export journey.

The Chairman of the SME Development Board, H.E. the Minister of Industry, Commerce & Tourism, Zayed Rashid Al Zayani stressed the importance of Export Bahrain as a key support instrument for exporters in Bahrain: “Export development is a key priority for the Kingdom and represents a clear opportunity to expand the footprint of Bahraini businesses internationally by providing the right solutions that will allow businesses of all sizes to tap into a global customer base. We will continue to build on the success of the first year of Export Bahrain and encourage a national export culture that will continue to position Bahrain as a key business hub for exporters.”

Dr. Nasser Ali Qaedi, the Chief Executive of Export Bahrain stated: “We are encouraged by the first year performance of Export Bahrain with 42% of our exporters reaching new markets and where 38 new job opportunities were created and further resulting in export investments of more than USD 9 Million in their export businesses, but we are not stopping there.

These indicators exemplify the significant business and economic value exporters bring to the national economy and building on their growth potential to reach customers around the world and create new business opportunities and local content that will grow Bahrain’s brand presence internationally.

We will continue to drive our efforts to provide every advantage to exporters in the Kingdom and promote Bahrain’s products and services globally and support businesses to tap into new markets and new trade opportunities. Bahrain is a cradle of innovative industries and businesses with huge export potential and our solutions will continue to develop to encourage both product and service exports. We have managed to develop a great deal of traction during our first year of operations with our customers reaching 25 markets across the globe but have many more exciting plans in the pipeline that will raise the bar even further.

Export Bahrain is committed to be a key enabler to business internationalization and support opportunities by continuously building effective partnerships locally and internationally. Moving ahead, we will further enhance our efforts to promote national exports and uplift the competitive capabilities of Bahraini businesses in global markets.” Dr. Qaedi added. 

Exporters engaging with Export Bahrain cover 9 sectors to date and 21 various product categories, including: foods, manufacturing, apparel, fiberglass, furniture and many more as efforts continue to support exporters in all industries and sectors in Bahrain. Dr. Qaedi noted that a key priority for Export Bahrain was to create value for customers and ease the process of exporting by working hand in hand with exporters through our local and international partnership network.

Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, General Manager at Peninsula Farms, pointed out: “Export Bahrain is truly an excellent initiative, it’s the ideal platform that supports all the entrepreneurs that want to spread their great businesses and initiatives to neighboring countries and beyond. We are all working together to change Bahrain’s image from being a consumer to becoming a producer. I recommend anyone who has a product and/or a service with a vision to reach international markets to approach Export Bahrain.”

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Also, commenting on the support provided by Export Bahrain, Saleh Sharif -Founder of Bean Boat saying: “We are hoping to export throughout the GCC and the rest of the world with the help of Export Bahrain. And we believe it is a great opportunity for a small company like ours to have a strong presence in the world market and not limit ourselves in any way. The support that we are receiving with the help of Export Bahrain allowed us to partner with many more farmers as well as expand our capacity.

Export Bahrain supports us through their Export Shipment solution which enabled us to partner with coffee roasters in UAE, Kuwait, KSA and hopefully in Europe. I don’t think we would have been able to partner with our clients if it wasn’t for the support of Export Bahrain and their initiative to help empower Bahraini businesses export internationally and grow.”

Mariam Al Mansoori, Founder of Gourmet Vanille, stated: “I started off as a
home-based business in 2012 where I was trying to spread awareness on healthy living and the diversity of plant-based options. I have introduced vegan cheese spreads and healthy wholesome desserts. I have slowly expanded my presence around the Kingdom of Bahrain until 2018 where I felt it is the time to establish a formal business to serve the market even further.

Immediately after this, I have approached Export Bahrain to help promote my products internationally. They have guided me through their market intelligence platforms and advisory solutions along with quick and effective linkage with buyers in Europe. This support has materialized with buyers and investors interested from Russia.

I am now also in talks with buyers in other countries around Europe and Asia to expand even further. Not only did I expand my customer base internationally, but I have also recently invested over BHD 25,000 in a brand-new manufacturing workshop in Sanad to expand my operations and meet the increasing demand for our products. This will allow me to further scale up my operations and look into diversifying export markets internationally– with Export Bahrain’s support”.

In terms of Export Bahrain’s future direction, Dr. Qaedi stated: “Export Bahrain will continue to enhance and upgrade its solutions to fuel more export products originating from Bahrain to unlock new opportunities and help open doors for companies in markets around the world. We are committed to be a key enabler by fostering the development of strategic alliances and commercial relationships, encouraging collaborative Bahraini business ventures in pursuit of international market opportunities.”

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