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MITEF Pan Arab announces the semifinalists for the 12th edition of its Arab Startup competition

MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Pan Arab yesterday has announced the semi-finalists of the 12th edition of its Arab Startup Competition. We’re excited to announce that one of the startups is from Bahrain!

As you probably know, since 2006 MITEF hosts this startup competition every year in Arab countries to encourage and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship within the region. Held in partnership with Community Jameel, and in partnership with World Bank Group and touch, the competition targets 21 countries of the Arab region and attracts over 12,000 entrepreneurs a year. This year, the competition will be held in Beirut, on March 29, 2019.

The competition has three tracks: Ideas Track, Startups Track, and Social Entrepreneurship Track. There are 3 winners (1 winner, and 2 runnerups) in every category where they will be awarded monetary prizes, in addition to other benefits such as top-tier training, mentorship, coaching, media exposure, and networking opportunities.

But that’s not why you’re here. You’re probably curious to know who are the lucky semifinalists, aren’t you? Here they are:

Ideas Track:

  1. Sakneen, Egypt
  2. Spicedr, Lebanon
  3. Addenda, UAE
  4. Iyris, Saudi Arabia
  5. Verzasca, Syria
  6. Garment IO, Egypt
  7. Bakala, Lebanon
  8. Flugauto, UAE
  9. HoloGuide, UAE
  10., Lebanon
  11. Pas-sport, Egypt
  12. Barq, Jordan
  13. Medi Predict, Egypt
  14. Deaf Talker, Sudan
  15. Quadra, Lebanon
  16. DLOC Biosystems, Lebanon
  17. TAKALAM, Jordan
  18. Inno Pharma, Jordan
  19. Oaesis, Saudi Arabia
  20. HawKar, Tunisia
  21. Rumman, Lebanon
  22. E-Scope, Tunisia
  23. Tummy, Lebanon
  24. Vsober, Tunisia

Startup Track:

  1. Nakheel, Bahrain
  2. Portal365, Yemen
  3. Dawai SAL, Lebanon
  4. Generics, Lebanon
  5. Droobi Health Technology, Qatar
  6. Repzo, Jordan
  7. كويزيتو, Algeria
  8. MellBell Electronics, Jordan
  9. COOFFA, Algeria
  10. Zima, Lebanon
  11. Furnwish, Egypt
  12. Basma, Lebanon
  13., Morocco
  14. Arabee, UAE
  15. Mashvisor, Palestine
  16. Systéme d’assistance pour détection de véhicule en infraction basé sur le traitement d’image, Morocco
  17. Spareslab, UAE
  18. Markit, Lebanon
  19. Neotic. ai SAL, Lebanon
  20. Card Switch, Lebanon
  21. Hamoola, Saudi Arabia,
  22. Solva Technologies, UAE
  23. YACOB, UAE
  24. Ordera, Egypt
  25. Mint Basil Market, Lebanon
  26. iFarming, Tunisia

Social Entrepreneurship Track:

  1. Compost Baladi SAL, Lebanon
  2. Scarubber, Lebanon
  3., UAE
  4. CanBank, Egypt
  5. Bridge, Outsource, Transform (B.O.T), Lebanon
  6. Filsekka, Egypt
  7. Sawwah, Jordan
  8. عالم خيال, Syria
  9. دكتوري, Yemen
  10. السعودي العلمي, Saudi Arabia
  11. NoBox Lab, Morocco
  12. Evocraft, Tunisia
  13. a7mini, Tunisia
  14. FarmChimp, UAE
  15. Karma from Egypt, Egypt
  16. Jaleesa, Lebanon

Congratulations to the selected startups and we wish them all the best in the upcoming competition in March.

What’s next for the startups? Well, the semifinalists will undergo a prebootcamp training to prepare them for the competition. They’ll get to work on their pitches, perfect their business model, learn more about customer mapping, scaling their ventures, and a lot more.

According to MITEF’s website, the prebootcamp will take place at Zain Innovation Campus ZINC (King Hussein Business Park) in Amman, Jordan on February 26-27.

Got too excited for MITEF that you want to take part? MITEF hosts this competition every year, so you can definitely apply next year! MITEF also has other programs that you can take part in, such as the Innovate for Refugees Program, and the Silicon Valley Program, which the StartUp Bahrain community took part in.

If you’re interested in attending the party – we mean, the competition, you can get your FREE tickets here!

For more information about MIT EF and their programs, you can check out their website here.


Bayan Al-A'abed