Kuwaiti influential women collaborating to fuel local talents through an integrated youth platform

Press Release.

Kuwait, 09 March 2021: VO, the first Kuwait-based integrated youth platform for incubating young talents, was launched as part of an official collaboration between Sheikha Ohoud Salem Al Ali Al Sabah, Chairman of VO, and Riham Al Ayyar, CEO of VO, to provide Kuwaiti youth with innovative avenues for developing and exhibiting their talents to the global market. 

“We all witnessed the outstanding and engaging content demonstrated by Kuwaiti youth throughout the lockdowns on different digital platforms. It was evident that Kuwaiti youth enjoy multiple interests and talents. The stellar rates of public engagement and acknowledgement received from followers all over the region made us realize the importance of unleashing and highlighting Kuwait’s hidden gifts to help position the country globally,” stated Sheikha Ohoud Al Sabah, Chairman of VO.

Sheikha Ohoud Al Sabah.

Explaining the importance of providing a dynamic physical and virtual space for youth to develop and exhibit their talents, Sheikha Ohoud added: “Acknowledging that those young talents are Kuwait’s most valuable resources, we are launching VO. It will be the main platform for Kuwaiti youth to access the international market and showcase their creative talents.”

Riham Al Ayyar.

In another statement, Riham Al Ayyar, CEO of VO, underlined the importance of diversifying Kuwait’s economy by capitalizing on Kuwait’s young talents and equipping youth with the tools required to enter the global market. Praising the current efforts being made in the realm of youth and talent development, she stated that VO was established to support Kuwait’s national efforts in globally positioning the country.

VO was founded to innovatively complement the various initiatives and programs conducted to support Kuwaiti youth. This platform will not only provide an academic space for young and emerging creators to develop their talents but it will also include fully equipped studios for them to fertilize and express their ideas in a nurturing environment, and a digital app to unleash and export Kuwait’s hidden resources to the world,” stated Riham Al Ayyar.

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Labeling this collaboration as a ‘privileged partnership’, Al Ayyar praised Sheikha Ohoud’s commitment and dedication to support Kuwaiti talents. While Sheikha Ohoud confirmed that this collaboration will result in opening so many doors for Kuwait’s future generations.

VO, an integrated youth platform and Kuwait’s first talent incubator, will be officially launched in summer 2021 and will provide an academic program for Kuwaiti youth to identify and nurture their talents, an all-inclusive studios to empower and express their ideas, and a ‘smart’ app to promote their creative productions on a seamless, high-tech and efficient digital platform.

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