What do you do when your car breaks down? Do you try to fix it yourself or call someone? How can you be sure that you will not get stranded and spend hours looking for help? How do you keep track of your vehicle’s periodic maintenance schedule? Do you enjoy going down to the dealership/garage to get your vehicle fixed? And finally, how do you decide which car is the best option to rent?

These are all questions that were thought of carefully when designing the Winchat mobile application. “Winchat is your car’s best friend.” Literally, that is their slogan. 

Co-founded by Adeeb Tenawi and Mohammed Ali, Winchat will go live this February. The app operates as a mediator between customers and all possible car service providers. Whether it is towing trucks, roadside assistance vans, dealerships, garages, portable car washes, or even car rental offices, Winchat has you covered. 

It is a platform where supply meets demand, and with transparency being the primary driver, customers are in the know throughout the entire process. Winchat has taken a massive gap in the market, closed it, and took it to the next level by utilizing modern-day technology to turn what used to be a painful hassle into an entertaining process. 

For instance, a customer’s car breaks down, Winchat allows them to request help and immediately get a list of different bids from service providers with a proposed price and time of arrival. The customer is presented the freedom to select the most appropriate and convenient offer, complete the payment using different available payment options, then sit back and watch their rescue come to their aid via geo-tracking. 

After the service is complete, the customer is free to provide feedback on their experience to ensure all services are conducted up to standard. 

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Winchat does not only cover roadside assistance. The co-founders have spent years of substantial research to understand all the pain points that come ease owning a car in Kuwait. 

Another feature offered is the ability to schedule appointments in private garages and dealerships and also arrange for their car to be towed to and/or from the service provider — all at the ease of a click of a button.

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