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Careem to offer a number of cool services in Abu Dhabi that are going to be cheap as falafel

Careem, a UAE-based ride-hailing company will be introducing a new, lower pricing structure in Abu Dhabi within a couple of weeks, according to Bassel Al Nahlaoui, Careem’s Gulf Managing Director.

Careem launched in the UAE’s capital back in 2013 but was forced to suspend their services in 2016 due to concerns from the emirate’s regulatory authorities that they were in violation of rules governing private car hires and limousines. However, in 2016, Careem returned to the market, but with its lowest price services.

Bassel Al Nahlaoui commented on its new pricing strategy saying: “Our mission has always been to make ride-hailing accessible to the masses and to everyone across the wider Middle East and improve the lives of people living within.”

Al Nahlaoui also mentioned that Careem’s offerings in Abu Dhabi will include an economy, business, and max (minivan) service, with a similar pricing strategy that’s currently available in Dubai. And that’s not all. Careem will also be providing a “Careem Kids” service and a special car type for physically disabled customers.

“This represents a new era for us in Abu Dhabi, the second city in our footprint of over 90 [cities] and we will now go full throttle to ensure we have the best coverage of the city and an optimum overall customer experience,” Al Nahlaoui added.


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