Bahrain’s Ministry of Education Collaborates with Amazon Web Services

Bahrain’s Ministry of Education (MOE) has recently joined forces with the regional unit of the world’s dominant cloud services platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), to power the Learning Portal for students all over Bahrain.

It’s quite noteworthy to mention that the portal consists of many educational services that allow students to view lessons, activities, loaded educational materials, and solve assignments as well as participate in discussion sessions between them (students) and teachers.

The portal has been active for the past two weeks, offering 372 e-books, 1030 educational units, 754 previous exams, and their answers. Along with 587 e-lessons, 7305 discussion panels, 273 educational activities, 6582 lesson summaries conducted by school teachers, and 30793 exercises.

What’s even more admirable is that the portal also allows parents to follow-up on their children’s school activities, and school principals the ability to measure the portal’s usage by students and teachers.

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The government’s efforts in ensuring the continuity of education, in spite of current circumstances, have been monumental, uplifting, and inspirational to the forward advancements of innovation in the country with the help of platforms such as AWS.

Stay up to date with MOE’s latest news by checking out their website here, and follow them on their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

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