Bahraini EdTech startup “Telp” pivots to fun learning programs. Meet Raed!

Press Release.

The beloved Bahraini Startup Telp, has pivoted from their focus on tutoring to a new product called Raed (Ra-ed, pioneer in Arabic), a mobile app that offers various fun and exciting online learning programs for kids aged 4 -12 years old. On Raed, kids join one-hour live sessions on a  weekly basis for storytelling, science experiments, English speaking, and more! 

Raed programs aim to instill the love for knowledge in children while exposing them to diverse  fields and cultivating important life skills. Sessions are extremely interactive as they comprise of  small groups of 6 – 8 children. The programs and sessions are carefully designed by educators  to be exciting as well as extremely beneficial as learning objectives are achieved every session. 

“The difference between Raed programs, and any other learning program, is that kids actually  want to attend. The sessions are fun and feel like a game and activity”, says Eman Yasser, a  mother, Engineer, and lead session planner at Raed.  

Raed’s journey began with the launch of their first program Hakawatyy (storyteller in Arabic)  back in May 2020. The program caught the attention of users across the MENA region as users  have registered from 10 different countries; 40% of which are from Saudi Arabia.

The program has also intrigued schools and NGOs such as Sharjah Girl Guides who have partnered with the  company to offer Hakawatyy sessions to their own students. As of today, Raed has launched  two additional programs Tajarob (experiments) and Natahawar (we converse).  

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Raed’s model takes the schedules of busy parents to heart. Parents can choose to opt in for individual lessons and join at any time, or they sign up for flexible monthly memberships that  can be “frozen” and where sessions can also be rescheduled on the Raed mobile app. The app  gives parents full transparency on session content and content availability.  

Ameena, the co-founder and CEO at Raed, says that it’s the teams EdTech experience that  inspired this pivot. “Two years of talking to parents and interacting with students has revealed  to us deeper rooted problems in the education system. Although major structural changes are  necessary, the private sector plays a vital role in enhancing the education system and services  offered,” says Ameena. “With Raed, we envision a future where learning is enjoyable,  memorable, and highly engaging.” 

The Raed team is working on expanding their pool of programs as well as partnering up with  relevant institutions and corporations on each program. The Telp app continues to operate  although operations have been downsized to focus resources on Raed’s rapid regional growth.  Follow Raed’s Instagram page for the latest news on Raed programs and visit their website 

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