Are you tired of trying of keeping track of reviews about your business? Does it take forever to respond to each and every one of them on various online platforms? Localyser is here to save your day and by effect, time as well! You can officially say goodbye to fumbling around multiple platforms to tackle your reviews!  

Localyser is a social media monitoring tool – the first of its kind in the Middle East, and it’s set out to help multi-location brands manage their locations’ reviews from across the Web. Social media managers and organizations can quickly react to reviews, improve activities and draw in customers to get positive feedback that will help them pop up at the top of search results on various search engines. 

Founded by Tarik Qahawish in 2016, Localyser sets out to present businesses with a platform to better manage all of their location-based marketing activities. This includes review management, location SEO and digital presence management. According to Tarik, they target single location and multi-location businesses including restaurants, health clinics, fitness, automotive, entertainment and luxury retail. 

When asked about the biggest challenge Localyser has faced, he tells us that trying to spread more awareness on the importance of online reputation management in the market was difficult at the very beginning. At the early stages, Localyser noticed that very few brands were managing their reviews properly by monitoring and responding to them frequently across all review sites. By sharing case studies that proving the correlation between a restaurant’s average rating and revenue, they were able to overcome the challenge and convince enough larger brands to adopt this new strategy, and the market followed suit.

Also, we couldn’t have possibly let an opportunity like this slip out of our hands, so we asked him what’s in store for Localyser. According to Tarik, they recently brought on board two new major clients: Eathos and Saleh bin Lahej. “On the product side, we have launched the Localyser Review API, which is aimed at helping third party developers enhance their own applications with reviews.” Putting this into a simpler manner, Tarik means that marketplace apps or restaurant-related apps can enhance their listing with reviews that make their applications display reviews and thus provide their customers with an additional filter to select restaurants based on their average rating.

Localyser is the first of its kind in the region but they did share with us their strategy of expanding further into the Middle East and how they are primarily focused at the moment on Saudi Arabia and other sectors including retail.

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You can check out Localyser on their official website, Facebook and Linkedin

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