Imagine placing an order and receiving it on the same day?! Crazy right? Well not anymore with Tawseel breaking grounds in package delivery in Saudi Arabia.   

What’s the Tawseel app all about? Is it another food delivery platform? Or a ride hailing app? We’re going to tell you all about it.

The Saudi app Tawseel was founded by a diverse team of academics from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, making the process of delivery much easier. What the startup does is that it links you to nearby drivers that can transport, literally, everything and anything you want. From groceries, food, furniture, and even home-to-home delivers. You’re simply required to fill in the space of what do you want to be delivered from point A to B. How’s that for convenience? Tawseel is currently operating in seven areas in Saudi Arabia like Jeddah and Mecca.

In an interview with Saudi Gazette, Tawseel’s co-founder Dr. Fawaz Saad said: “Many people purchase online and wait for the delivery to arrive after a few days when it’s much easier to receive something from the store right away. We’re trying to raise more awareness among the public to use this kind of on-demand model.”

So far, Tawseel recruited around 5,000 freelance drivers and has expanded to seven cities in Saudi after they have reached over 40,000 downloads. “Our goal is to go global and we believe our model of low operational cost and ease-of-use app is very scalable,” Saad said to Saudi Gazette.

The app includes a real-time GPS tracker that allows you to monitor and communicate with the drivers. Which grants customers safety of tracking their packages and communicating with their drivers. The cost of the delivery service is based on the time and distance of the location requested.

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And if you’re wondering how much does the freelancer driver gets: it’s 85% of the service, which by the way is higher than other competing apps like Uber where the driver gets 75% of the fare price. This means that the freelance driver makes between SR3,000 to SR5,000 (BHD 300 to BHD 500) in a month.

Want to know more about Tawseel? Follow their updates on their social media: @tawseelsa on Instagram and Twitter.

The app Tawseel is available for free on Apple Store and Google Play, check it out now!

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