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This Saudi startup connects you to any service you need, here’s how

Ever been in a helpless situation in which you needed to fix and sort out something but didn’t know how to? The kitchen sink broke, your in-laws call you up and decide to pay you a visit within an hour, your kids are lagging behind in maths and you don’t have the time to tutor them, and the list goes on. These mundane problems are bound to happen, they’re simply inescapable. What if we tell you that there’s a platform that helps you out with these kind of problems?

Yes, we’re serious, such a platform does exist: Serviis. It was launched at the end of 2016 by its Saudi founder Wafaa Al Ashwalii, where she was inspired to create a platform that helped lots of people get their unsolved business sorted out by connecting them to service providers.

Later on, she met Giacomo Zeini, a project manager at Al Muhaidib company, who seen became her founding partner and designs Serviis’s website remotely from Dubai. Soon after, two Italians, Vincenzo Bourconia and Alex Daly Quadri, who previously worked in the strategizing field joined Wafaa’s team.

How Serviis functions is that it serves as a mediator between customers searching for a particular service, and service providers searching for new customers. So if you’re an individual or a company looking for a graphic designer to make you a poster, then the website asks you to fill a form with a couple of questions related to the service you’re requesting. The order is then sent through Serviis to the service providers to prepare and send back their quotations to the client. Only the first five who send the quotation can directly communicate with the client. This motivates the service providers “to send the quotation faster,” explains Al Ashwali to Wamda.

After the customer receives the quotation and a review about each service provider, they are free to choose whichever service provider they prefer.

Seviis can be used for free, however, service providers who sign up to it must pay between one and five points to the platform in order to communicate with the customer. Service providers already get 15 free points when they sign up, and they can purchase three points for around 15 Saudi riyals. The more points service providers buy, the fewer points it costs.  

According to Al Ashwali, this method encourages service providers to contact and communicate with the customer after they send them a quotation.

You can access Serviss online and even download their app on Apple Store and Google Play.

Bayan Al-A'abed

Bayan Al-A'abed