This Egyptian startup is here to empower cashless communities

Imagine this, you’re busy completing that important deadline at work, suddenly your remember you must pay for your daughter’s tuition fee and your son’s tennis camp and your gym membership, and they’re all due today! what do you do then? What if I told you that there’s an app that could save you?

Say hello to XPay, an Egyptian startup and a graduate of the Womentum Accelerator Program by Womena. XPay is going to change the way you handle your payments online and aims to create a cashless community – no more trips to go pay. Want to know how they’re doing it? Then read on!

We were curious to find out how XPay works, I mean the idea of a cashless community seems incredible right? According to Mohamed Abdelmottaleb, Co-Founder and CEO of XPay, “XPay is a platform and mobile app enabling communities to go cashless in one day. The platform enables universities, schools, gyms, social and sports clubs, and activities centers to set up their offerings and collecting payments online. The app allows members in these communities to book and pay in under 1 min, using credit/debit cards, cash collection, mobile wallets, etc.”

Co-founders Mohamed Abdelmottaleb and MennatAllah Sabry were motivated to create cashless communities when they noticed there was a great deal of stress when it came to meeting payments. “We suffered and found that many people suffered from strong anxiety on a regular basis when it comes to payments for different members of the family, from tuition fees, memberships, and extracurricular activities. Handling different deadline and the need to go in person to pay is very exhausting and wastes a significant amount of time. We are solving this issue but providing XPay mobile app for families,” said Mohamed.

With XPay, you the consumer can perform payments and transactions without the need for your wallet, it’s straightforward and takes little to no time. XPay provides state-of-the-art security with two factor as well as biometric authentication; you can even set up family accounts to help budget and manage your family’s spending. How cool is that?

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If you’re eager to find out exactly how XPay works, you’re going to have to wait a bit, the app is still in the works but will be released pretty soon.

For more information on the startup, check out their website here. You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to be up to date with their latest news.

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