What keeps you entertained amidst the annoying sponsored e-commerce and food delivery ads on your Snapchat and Instagram? Probably a one minute video of Khaled Janahi complaining about Bahraini drivers, or a beauty session with Shaima Rahimi. Known as social media talents, the likes of Khalid and Shaima have made our social media experience much more interesting. But who helps them out with the content they produce on a daily basis?

By now, you’re probably associating them with the events and talent management company TARTEEB, aren’t you? Not only is TARTEEB known for their vibrant events such as IGN, Stuck in Traffic, to name a few, but TARTEEB has also gifted us with some local Bahraini talents aka social media talents including the comedians Khaled Janahi, Ahmed Sharif, Imran Al-Aradi, Mohammed Shaker, Tv presenter Shaima Rahimi, the vlogger Razan Aljassim, the food vlogger Mohammed WEDO, SM vlogger Mohammed Isa, the dentist Dr. Mohammed Alaradi, the actor Omar Mahboob, and the talented makeup artist Munirah Mohammed amongst others.

But how did TARTEEB come into existence? And how did it attract those social media talents? Well, you’re in luck today because Startup MGZN sat down with Mohammed Al Muharraqi, Managing Director and Founder of TARTEEB where he shared with us some insights on the company:

  1. It all became official in 2011. According to Al Muharraqi, the seeds of TARTEEB were planted in 2008 when a group of young Bahrainis came together with a passion towards organizing events. In 2011, the company became official and started taking a more prominent role in managing events from marketing, booking halls, liaising with local, regional, and international speakers and figures. “What differentiated us was that we didn’t just create events for clients, but we also created our own events for our own enjoyment,” Al Muharraqi states. Some of these events include the recent Stuck In Traffic standup comedy show, Ahmed Sharif’s Show, 5 editions of IGN, Chicken Nuggets standup comedy Show, a Zumbathon, and a lot more.
  2. The fun began in 2015. Al Muharraqi found potential in the market of social media talent management in 2015, where they first managed Ahmed Sharif, and then Khaled Janahi. “It wasn’t profit that drove us to take this initiative, but rather the determination to elevate the standard of social media talents in Bahrain,” Al Muharraqi says.
  3. “TARTEEB is not only specialized in social media management, it’s a talent management organization.” To Al Muharraqi, it’s not just about managing a social media talent, but it’s also about taking their talent to the next level. “Social media talents are not just for marketing purposes, but we also try to enhance their talents and have them presented on other platforms,” Mohammed says, referring to Ahmed Sharif’s comedy show. The organization thinks long term about their team – they’re aware of how digital media rapidly changes, and know that Instagram will soon lose its audience, just like what happened to other social media platforms. “This is why we try to explore other platforms, such as YouTube or having comedy shows,” Al Muharraqi states. “We don’t want the person to fade out, just because the platform no longer exists.”
  4. Highlighting a new horizon of creative ideas. Al Muharraqi is all about bringing new ideas onto the table to his clients. Even though some clients have a fixated traditional mindset in terms of marketing, events, and activities, TARTEEB still delivers its superb services while ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of the client.
  5. “In order to be creative, you should be living a creative life!” Al Muharraqi shares when we asked him about how TARTEEB comes up with creative ideas for their talented team, events, and marketing campaigns. According to him, the team at TARTEEB are encouraged to go out and be exposed to other events and happenings to be able to be more engaged within diverse experiences which can then help them formulate creative plans. Moreover, Al Muharraqi tells us that the working environment in TARTEEB is an open space where everyone in the team is welcome to pitch in new creative ideas. “We also have a couple of committees, to ensure the satisfaction of the team and the quality of the output they produce,” he shares. Such committees, include the Entertainment Committee, Business Development Committee, and Social Engagement Committee. “We love what we do. Our creativity is purely driven by our passion towards creating impactful experiences,” Al Muharraqi concludes.

It’s also worth noting that Al Muharraqi has over 19 years worth of experience in the events industry, and he tells us that TARTEEB has some upcoming exciting plans to develop the events and entertainment sector in Bahrain.

Last but not least, Al Muharraqi concludes by hoping that Bahrainis themselves would see the value in believing and investing in Bahrainis, instead of undermining their talent.

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