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Talented artist, no platform to showcase your art? Art Hub Bahrain is the right platform for you

Are you an artist with no platform to showcase your talent and display your art pieces? Do you ever dream of selling your art? Then stay tuned and read on because you’re going to love this startup.  

Driven by passion for entrepreneurship and art, Elias Madan launched Art Hub Bahrain, a marketplace for independent artists and a creative hub for all creative needs. He launched it back in May 2017 as his final university project, where he created an e-commerce platform with 6 featured local artists. Ever since Art Hub Bahrain has been gradually growing and expanding to include other talented artists from the GCC. It supports artists, consumers, and B2B with product production and creative service needs ranging from Branding, Marketing and Social Media Promotion, and more. According to Elias, the platform creates a marketplace that enables artists in Bahrain and the GCC to generate income by selling their artistic products, such as t-shirts, hoodies, mobile cases, bookmarks, and so much more (take a look here!).

“One of my goals in life is to inspire artists and help them find and brand their own unique style,” Elias told Startup MGZN. Before Art Hub Bahrain, Elias started his first own venture Triangulation Store in mid-2014 as an artistic apparel brand which served as a testing ground for his current platform.

“During the starting stage, I had both projects in mind. However, my strategic plan was to see the audience’s reaction and sales revenues that could be generated in this field,” Elias says. According to him, the audience’s response sealed the fate of Art Hub Bahrain.

Having a prior experience with Triangulation, where he faced difficulties in locating places that catered to his artistic needs, Elias was further inspired to solve this issue by creating one main destination that meets the needs of artists. Basically, Art Hub Bahrain reduces the hassle of having so many options and price quotations to select from; we get it, bargaining and negotiation can be frustrating sometimes. Oh, and let’s not forget the mental and physical effort it requires to make calls and drive to places, with Elias’s platform, you can say goodbye to these #FirstWorldProblems. “We plan on creating ease in this market. All that’s required is the end consumer to send us the design and we will handle the rest,” he says.

When asked about the challenges he faced with Art Hub Bahrain, Elias said that building trust on an e-commerce platform was a bit difficult to achieve. However, social media has helped him overcome this challenge, as it allows one-on-one communication and understanding with consumers and at the same times creates a relationship. Elias states that it’s important to create a welcoming environment where it is less about making sales, and more about making a change within the community with the products you sell.

With Art Hub Bahrain, Elias aims to build the value of art in not just Bahrain, but the entire GCC region, and simultaneously help artists generate revenue out of their art. This, in turn, creates a new job market for creative artists in Bahrain and the GCC.

So next time you’re on a hunt for a cool chic mobile case or makeup bag, you know where to go. Take part in supporting your local talent by checking out Art Hub Bahrain here.

You can also follow them on their social media channels on Instagram, and Facebook to keep up with their latest designs and products.

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