SME of the Year “All Food for Food Stuff” paves its way towards success, find out how


Small and medium enterprises contribute significantly to the development of job opportunities for local talent. The Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship is a gesture of appreciation for the success of these projects, and it rewards their innovation direction, as well as their contribution to advancing the local economy.

On the occasion of winning the 2017 Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship for the SME of the year category, Mr. Mohammed Abdulaal, CEO of All Food For Food Stuff said: “I would like to thank His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander and Chairman of the Economic Development Board for supporting local entrepreneurs through such competitions which highlight the talents of young people across the Kingdom and encourage them to promote the growth of Bahrain’s economy.”

Upon winning the SME of the Year in the Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship, All Food For Food Stuff
intends to meet the increasing demands by maintaining the efficiency of its operations, increasing its
workforce and fleet, renovating its storage areas in accordance to international standards.

The company is also in the process of diversifying its suppliers to include world-class products to
complement its future expansion plans in the GCC markets, as well as the launch of a factory
dedicated to manufacturing fresh Italian cheese and a key expansion plan that will be rolled out for the
HORECA sector to include retailing with electronic processes and utilizing the application of the ISO
22000 certified food safety certificate.

The company has also benefited from Tamkeen’s scheme and was able to purchase a number of trucks and vans, which helped secure smooth operations. Mr. Mohamed noted that SME enterprises noticed an increased support after the backing of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince. He also thanked His Royal Highness for directing all sectors of the government to encourage the youth of Bahrain to participate in the entrepreneurial experience that will benefit the national economy.

“I encourage anyone wishing to enter the entrepreneurial world to take the first step and never give in
to any difficulties they may face. You have to fully believe in your abilities and have the courage to realize your dreams where many will shake their faith and discourage their will, but you should stand up strong from any problem that you may face. Life comes with many challenges and difficulties to face. It is a risky journey, but the end is rewarding,” he concluded.

All Food For Food Stuff started its journey six years ago and employs over 30% in Bahraini workforce. The company also has a fleet of the latest refrigerated trucks in the market. The success of All Food For Food Stuff stems from its belief in the capabilities of the local youth along with its keenness to deploy the most suitable resources within its operations, further enabling it to strengthen its position in the local market.

The company has become a success story following its acquisition of a sustainable market share through the distribution of Unilever Food Solutions products in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Accordingly, it has obtained a strong customer base including the HORECA and FMCG sectors, as well as the Bahrain Defense Force, the Ministry of Health, Al Jazira supermarket, Carrefour hypermarket and a number of hotels and restaurants across the Kingdom.

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The Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship, under the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and Chairman of the Economic Development Board aims to create an incubating environment that develops and encourages entrepreneurship in the Kingdom through improving the winners’ skills by providing them with continuous training sessions led by successful entrepreneurs.

The award gives the winners the resources and means of support that enable them to succeed and develop their projects through meeting experts and witnessing their inspirational ideas. It also aims to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and stimulate innovation across all business sectors to achieve economic development within the framework of the Kingdom’s Economic Vision 2030 to promote entrepreneurship, as well as support the growth and development of SME’s, as well as paving the way for strong partnerships between the public and private sectors. The selection criteria employed the highest standards and practices to ensure fair competition and equal opportunities among the participants across all stages of the award.

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Over 200 programs and initiatives have been launched in various areas such as funding and financing,
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