Inspired by his father’s medical issues, Majeed Al-Majid wanted to open the best massage centre in the Kingdom, called Shiatsu. There was on problem though, he couldn’t find a single Bahraini masseur, since 2012.

With no regional massage schools, Majeed traveled to the Philippines in search for the best specialists in the industry; trained in Japanese, Swedish, and sports massage therapy. Soon after, his business went through a downturn and was on the verge of quitting when Tamkeen lent a hand, paying the rent for 10 months.

Now, he wants to open a second location in Saudi Arabia, as it caters to his biggest customer-base that come to Bahrain, 60% in fact, while the Bahrain branch thrives.

As for Majeed’s father?

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“He is happy, he is very proud”, Majeed tells us. Plus, “he gets free massages.”

This is also available in Arabic if you'd like.

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