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Sadeed, the startup that wants to help you manage your social media customer service

Social media customer service is a new concept and is rising quite quickly among businesses. According to FreshSparks, at least 42% of people expect a customer service response on social media within 60 minutes. The effect of not responding quick enough may hurt your business in a way you can’t even imagine, with 56% of the people saying that if they don’t receive a response quickly, they may never do business with the company again – ouch. If this is something you’re struggling with or worries you as a business, you don’t have to anymore, we’ve got a solution for you.

Introducing Sadeed, a Jordanian-based startup and a recent graduate of the Womentum Accelerator Program by Womena, that is going to change the way you view and handle your followers on social media, curious to know how? Then keep reading!

Co-founders Abdalla Odat and Haurga Hussein noticed an issue when they found that followers didn’t find the answers they were looking for in the comments section, while at the same time account holders had to invest considerable efforts to maintain customer service- and thus Sadeed was born.

Abdalla Odat, Co-founder, and CEO of Sadeed, is a Software Engineer graduate and the mind behind the AI running Sadeed. Odat describes the AI as a web platform that understands and responds to people’s comments in whichever language including Arabic – doesn’t matter what the dialect is. Odat also states that the service will be able to integrate with various platform such as Facebook (messenger and public comments), Instagram comments, web chat, API.

Sadeed is currently focusing on pain areas of companies, “Today’s market is very competitive and companies’ have to invest a huge effort to maintain their customer service and choose a right marketing tool to maximize visibility and sales, which is costly, time-consuming and often not the right skill set. We are offering a platform with 24/7 availability, filtration of abusive comments and global language support which responses to any input within seconds” stated the founders.

We were curious to know what differentiates Sadeed from other social media management apps and customer services apps, and according to the founders,“Our universal selling proposition is the public comments (filtration, analysis, and response of comments) and the Arabic natural language process (ability to detect any Arabic dialect). Additionally, in our platform, we are allowing our clients to build their own logic to extract their Chabot. Afterward, the client is able to use it in all its using channels.”

With Sadeed, companies can always expect to be ahead of the game; they’ll primarily be able to make use of the data collected from their social media accounts from how many comments have been processed, to how useful the comment is. Sadeed is dealing vast amounts of clients in such a short period of time and with less cost. How amazing is that?

If you’re eager to find out exactly how Sadeed works, you’re in luck, you can start a free trial whenever you want, all you have to do is visit their website.

For more information on the startup, check out their website here. You can also follow them on Twitter, and LinkedIn to be up to date with their future announcements.

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