QuranWorks is a technology and new media company founded with the purpose to present and share the Quran in a manner relevant to the digital age.

Most of us acquire certain helpful tools to sim2013plify our daily lives, but only a few take on the challenge of building those essential tools. That was the case with Bahraini social entrepreneur Fahad Sarwani, who decided to join hands with Osama Osman from Chicago and Aqil Ahmed from Dubai to build QuranWorks which could possibly have a significant impact on millions of people across the globe.

Quran In The Digital Age

QuranWorks is an app for mobile devices that aims at introducing the Quran into the digital age by providing unprecedented access to it and its meanings through original content and innovative tools across all platforms and offering millions of users across the world an experience with the Quran like never before. It did to the Quran what GPS did to traditional maps transforming it from a two-dimensional book to a three-dimensional interactive multimedia encyclopedia with advanced functionalities and original content relevant to our times.

An App To Fill The Gap

Before embarking on the journey of building this amazing app, the team did an extensive research of all the current Quran apps in the market across all platforms including Apple iOS and Android. The conclusion was lack of innovation, poor design and user interface, irrelevant content and low functionality. The reason was mainly due to the fact that most of these efforts were made by part-time software developers and programmers with good intentions but limited resources and lack of knowledge and experience of new media and content creation. All they did was make the Quran conveniently available for readers on their devices. There was so much more that could be done and QuranWorks saw the opportunity.


In order to create this amazing interplay of relevant content and excellent software, QuranWorks segmented the entire Quran into surah, verse, word and syllable levels. This complicated and lengthy segmentation process enabled the team to recently launch a unique feature in the app for the first time ever called QuranWords. This feature gives the user instant access to the meaning of every single word of the Quran with a single tap. The current features give you five options in the English language to choose from which include basic translation, transliteration, grammar, morphology, and root word meaning. Future plans include adding all other common languages such as Arabic, Malaysian, Urdu, Hindi, Turkish, Indonesian, and other European languages.

Current Features


-Audio recitations

-Library of Tafsirs & Translations

-Library font control

-Dual Column Study Comparison

-Powerful Search Engine

-Beautiful Madani Mus’haf

-Unique Page Curl effect

-Page & Verse Bookmarks


-Index (Surah, Juz’, Hizb)

-Unique page scroll on footer

-Arabic & English interface

-Available for iOS and Android devices

Upcoming Features

-Enhanced library with over 50 Tafsirs and Quran related books.

See Also

-Translated content in many other languages

-Video and Audio Commentary and Explanations (Tafsirs)

-Topical and Theme index search

-Reading history and planner

-Khatm services in collaboration with Facebook

-Multi-user login

-Quran Chronology

-QuranMiracles: Extensive multimedia library of scientific and linguistic miracles of the Quran

Business Model

QuranWorks is not just an app. It’s a beautiful Mus’haf, an interactive multimedia library and a complete personal tutor. And it’s all absolutely FREE.

The team has made this tool free for everyone to maximize the general benefit and impact on people’s lives. The project is to be funded through a unique sponsorship gifting model. Potential sponsors such as individuals, families and institutions can purchase the app on behalf of the end users at a wholesale price and gift it to the users for free.

So what’s in it for the sponsors? When you first download the app, a cover Ihda’ (Gift) page will appear with the gift message, which could be in the name of a beloved deceased family member, a gift from an institution as part of its community service or an anonymous gift in return for a continuous reward or sadaqa jariya that will remain on the device in perpetuity. There will be a self-service gifting option within the app in the near future, but if you are interested in gifting the app to users right now you can send an email to

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