Pre-Seed Capital: Make your Innovative Business Ideas a Reality

Do you have an idea for a product or service but not sure how to start? Is your idea feasible and has market potential ? do you require financial support to help develop a prototype for the product? If you answered yes to all the questions, you are a perfect fit for the Pre-Seed Capital support scheme offered jointly by Tamkeen and the Bahrain Development Bank.

Starting a business is not easy, and many entrepreneurs struggle at the first step which is funding, but that’s becoming something of the past in Bahrain. The scale of funding opportunities is not only growing but is also becoming easier to access. All you need really is an idea, a concept that works and makes financial sense.

“Pre-Seed Capital” is a scheme offered jointly by Tamkeen and Bahrain Development Bank and is considered as one of the attractive options for Bahrainis who have creative/innovative business ideas which could be developed further into successful business ventures.

The “Pre-Seed Capital”  scheme will provide pre-commercialization financial support towards the implementation of projects, as well as advisory and networking support.

The financial support goes up to BD 5,000 and will be contributed towards the development of the business idea into a prototype before business commercialization. The entrepreneur may also be required to financially contribute towards the prototype development to whatever extent possible.

The pre-seed capital program is an excellent option for young university graduates, business professionals, and even self-workers who looking guidance and help to test and develop their business idea.

To make the best use of the program, you have to have a crystal clear idea about the product or service you want to develop. You are expected to know all the details, processes and materials that go into your product, and what type of costs you are expecting the program to cover. Being that ready makes it difficult for your application to be rejected, but as we mentioned earlier it all about the idea.

Since the launch of the program, the Pre-seed capital scheme attracted many individuals who now have their own ventures. Are you the next one?

Who is Tenmou looking for 

If you match the following criteria, Tenmou could invest in your business

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  • Talented and innovative people passionate about setting up a business
  • A new idea, something that people want but don’t have yet; innovative …and interesting

  • The idea’s ability to scale to a large market – Growth prospects

  • Bahraini founders and entrepreneurs

  • Any sector you like


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