Planning an event? This Bahraini app helps with the catering

Everyone knows that it’s such a hassle when you’re trying to organize food for an event, whether it’s a casual hangout at your place, a formal work event, a wedding, generally speaking, it’s a pain. This is why the entrepreneur Abdulla Alradhi decided to come up with a solution to rescue us all from this hectic process: he introduces the Akalati app.

So what exactly does Akalati do? Abdulla says: “Akalati is a digital marketplace meant to digitize custom orders, allowing restaurants, bakeries, and caterers to sell their services online, and giving the customers the ability to order online.” This basically means that customers are able to plan and arrange for any kind of occasion and events without having to worry twice about the catering.

Abdulla mentions that he started working on Akalati when he noticed a huge gap in the F&B industry and was further encouraged by the success stories of Talabat, and Careem that have established a solid basement for tech startups in the GCC region and opened up the doorways for other startups to flourish in the region.

What makes the app Akalati unique is that it’s focused on an untapped market for food tech startups. “Akalati gives users the ability to customize stress that comes with planning for events, parties, or simple picnics,” Abdulla adds.

Abdulla also mentions that he was fortunate to have received Tamkeen’s support from the beginning where he was granted financial support that covered a big portion of the development and marketing costs. This support had a huge impact to set a perfect start for the app at its early stages through to the development of the first product of Akalati app and introduction in the market 7 months ago.

“Not only did Tamkeen’s support to me have an impact on developing Akalati, it also had a great impact on improving me personally. I joined Tamkeen’s training support program where I had the opportunity to attend specialized marketing training course designed for startups and business owners. This filled the gap between my skills and knowledge and empowered me with many tools and ideas to penetrate the market with stronger strategy and greater speed,” says Abdulla.

The Akalati app is available for free on Apple Store and Google Play.


You can also check out their updates by following their social media: @akalatiapp on Instagram and Twitter  

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