Meet your new BFF, Zain Bahrain’s Z-Bot!

By this time, we’re sure you’re well-acquainted with the concept of social distancing and how crucial it is to maintain not just your own, but everyone else’s safety during COVID-19.

Luckily, Zain Bahrain is ten steps ahead of their time, as it’s been nearly a year-and-a-half since they’ve introduced the ‘Z-Bot’. It’s a chatbot designed to provide smart customer service experience to all Zain subscribers, available on Zain Bahrain’s portal, and application over here (for Android) and here (for iOS). 

The AI-powered chatbot, with the help of its advanced natural language processing (NLP) ability, has come a long way since then. Keep reading, we’re going to have a quick rundown of all the reasons why Z-Bot is a true #BestFriendForever for all Zain Bahrain customers! 

What’s so special about Z-Bot?

First of all, those of you having no issues with flattering youthful acronyms might as well call the Z-Bot your new BFF. Given its relentless instincts to support you and make your life easier, the Zain chatbot is indeed a worthy fit for the best-friends-forever title.

It comes packed with an array of cool features and practical functionalities that makes mundane tasks like account management and troubleshooting convenient for all users irrespective of their age or grip on modern-day technology. All you need is an active internet connection and Z-Bot will be right there at your service in no time whenever you summon it. 

With Z-Bot’s help, you can:

  • Pay Zain postpaid bills and recharge your prepaid Zain mobile numbers.
  • You can change your plan anytime you want with just a few clicks.
  • Z-Bot enables users to go for new line Subscriptions.
  • You can easily purchase new devices and gadgets from Zain’s e-commerce unit.
  •  Being a highly “intelligent” chatbot, Z-Bot proactively recognizes your data consumption and propose a suitable data add-on.  
  • Z-Bot also enables users to explore various offers and discounts. 
  • And last but not the least, Z-Bot is also programmed to make itself smarter overtime using the data it has access.

Z-Bot also responds to all your queries in real-time in an apt manner. It supports both Arabic and English languages depending on your preference.

How does Z-Bot work? 

It is worth noting here that Zain Bahrain was one of the first telcos in the region to roll out Live Chat Support. Over the years, the company has witnessed a massive surge in app-based communication and data usage. 

To synchronize with the growing demand for a more readily accessible avenue for live text-based support, the company came up with an AI-powered chatbot that doubles as a (kind of) personal assistant for all Zain account-related activities.

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The primary difference between the Z-Bot and a run-of-the-mill chatbot is that the former has a rich understanding of different user-requirements besides its obviously more advanced comprehension skills. In other words, Z-Bot goes far beyond replying with mere generic responses. 

For example, you could ask the Zain chatbot to provide you with your billing history, have it line up your preferred recharge/billing options, and send you to the correct product page on the Zain eShop — all these with the highest level of security.

Also, because the Z-Bot is always learning from its interactions with users, it is always improving and adding new features.

If you have any feedback or query about Zain Bahrain’s Z-Bot, don’t hesitate to reach out to Startup MGZN using any of our social media channels over at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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