Meet the Diamond of Digital Marketing, Sarah AlSamahiji! 

Zain Bahrain is more than just a dynamic hub full of star individuals and team spirit, they have also cultivated a culture of consistent support where they provide opportunities for people to develop themselves and enhance their skillsets. (Zain’s vibe is the bestie that always hypes you up!)

And for this year’s International Women’s Day, we’d like to introduce and recognize Sarah AlSamahiji, Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist (just another word for genius) as a force in the Zain Bahrain family to be reckoned with. 

A passionate, risk-taking, outgoing, team player, that’s how Sarah described herself in four words. “I think I come across as quiet for people that don’t know me, but it’s a whole different story once you get to know me.” she said. As if that wasn’t enough, Sarah revealed she’s training to become a certified pilates instructor! A round of Mashallah’s are in order. Everyone needs a practice to recharge in their times of leisure, a diamond like her is no exception. 

“I picked these four words because they highlight who I am very well, they touch on parts of my personality and they are things I love about myself.” As you should, Sarah, and we’ll tell people exactly why in a bit. 

Confidence, charisma and cleverness are three must-have ingredients in the recipe for strong passion and spectacular vision to be brought to life, and Sarah’s journey highlights that perfectly. Her first step into the field was a mandatory internship for university, all she wanted was to get into the marketing and communications field, and she did

“Somehow, I landed into an internship in the Marketing Operations team while living in Berlin, and I was part of the team that handled requests for the digital marketing team– supporting them in creating landing pages, tracking links, and overall support to ensure a successful campaign.” We don’t speak much German but, Fantastisch Sarah! 

Her interest in the field flourished while she continued her studies, all the while having a front row seat during the rise of the mobile advertising market. “Back then, only a few players were dominating the industry. It’s amazing to know that I played a part from the start, and I fell in love with it as I learned and grew into it more.” And the rest, as they say, is history. 

With experience in different world markets, Sarah has accumulated knowledge of the intricacies of her field from different perspectives. “In Europe, you can see how ads are made specifically for the channels they’re on.” she stated. “For example: a TV spot ad would have a continuation on a digital platform but it would have very different and distinct messaging.” The connection between the type of media and the advertisements displayed is a key component in how successful your campaign can be, and that’s something Zain Bahrain has nailed throughout the years. There’s no doubt our approach in marketing is consistent through all of its mediums, but it’s definitely more community-based than it is abroad. 

Bahrain’s essence is delightfully reflected in our marketing scene with colloquial language and behavior that gives ads that bit of an edge and nudges the audience to connect to the campaign on a personal level. But even good things can become better.

“If there’s one thing the Bahraini market’s focusing on a little too much, it’s the selling of the product or service that can come across as a clutter of information.” Sarah shared, “Nowadays, with the amount of time we spend on our screen, we have a short attention span. It’s quite challenging to get someone to interact and engage with you without giving them the correct type of content.” She speaks nothing but the truth! 

Regardless of that small flaw, Bahrain’s marketing scene is displaying new and exciting campaigns that emphasize on our people and society, they aim to represent and understand, and Zain Bahrain’s brand as a soulful, community-driven organization is right in the center of the stage, spotlight right on them. Zaina Fel Ain is a new, vibrant and national campaign that promotes the perception of Bahrain and Bahrainis alike while simultaneously introducing projects highlighting aspects of partnerships, community, environment, and diversity and inclusivity. 

Speaking of community, Sarah’s field concerns customer engagement. We asked how she enhanced her skills throughout her ten year long career, and if she still has a lot to learn. “I had an incredible opportunity working with diverse teams and clients which played a vital role in exposing me to so many types of projects and objectives.” she said. 

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“Even though my core knowledge and skillsets are in the digital marketing space, I’ve had great experience with branding campaigns, TV campaigns, performance driven ads and so many other things. I’m a huge believer in learning by doing and then advancing/supporting it by education, but not the other way around.” Sarah added. Digital marketing is a promise land for continuous growth and development because it has an ever-changing landscape, from new formats and technologies to new trends, you learn on the go!

That said, how did Sarah find herself becoming part of the Zain family? Well, the vision and values of Zain drew her in, but their integrity was just the cherry on top. “I’ve always enjoyed working in a dynamic environment, and Zain is no different. It’s amazing to be able to work on many different initiatives and projects while also having the chance to learn new things and be a part of a culture that cultivates creativity and growth.” You don’t have to tell us twice!   

Of course, we couldn’t stop ourselves from asking Sarah for tips on what should people who aspire to accumulate as much as she has, or startups in general, need to keep an eye out for when it comes to digital marketing. “The most important thing with digital marketing is actually doing it.” she started. “Yes, there are tons of courses and classes available everywhere, but actually setting up the ads, playing around with your targeting and the data available to you is one of the best ways to learn.” 

Sarah stated, “Never underestimate the power of data. It can tell you a whole story that will help you create the correct strategy for you through the correct channels.” She also mentioned the importance of keeping an eye out on trends, new advertising platforms, new ways to connect with customers and end users. And in her own words, “there’s never a dull moment.” If you love your work as much as she does, you’re halfway there! 

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