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Meet the 11 Bahrainis that are going to transform Bahrain’s future

By now, you probably have heard about Alghad’s Coalition and the awesome inspiring movement they’re leading. If you haven’t then you totally should get on board because they’re about to transform Bahrain’s economy and make your life as an entrepreneur a whole lot easier.

Alghad is a grassroot movement that was started by a group of young, active and influential entrepreneurs who believe in positive change. The group aims to win a majority in the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry to have a solid platform to launch their agenda from. Of course the movement is open to all of the business community.

The movement is all about demonstrating that the younger generation are more than capable of empowering themselves and are able to make key economic-decisions regardless of their age. It plans to address a wide range of issues including attracting FDI for Bahraini businesses with a sector-focused strategy, helping Bahrain achieve a strong service-oriented infrastructure to transition from an oil-based economy to a service exporting country, reduce fees for business and so much more.

But who are those dedicated people behind this auspicious movement? Read on to get to know the 11 members of Alghad’s Coalition:

  1. Hamed Fakhro: A businessman, real estate developer, writer, inventor, speaker. Hamed also mentors and works closely with different organizations to empower young entrepreneurs, startups and students. He is a contributor to Startup MGZN, Vice Chairman of the Entrepreneurs Committee, and member of SME committee in the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). Hamed initiated a study through the SME committee and Derasat which was presented jointly to Parliament and LMRA and eventually passed into law, known as “flexipermit” which aims to regulate the labor market and solve the “free visa” issue. He believes in a stable and  transparent labor market and in promoting local SMEs abroad.

  2. Eman Nooruddin: Eman is the founder of Insights Therapy and Breathe, a social company that raises funds for charities. She’s also a partner in Capital Knowledge Institute of Finance training facility. Eman is an active community member and continuously works on empowerment and relief initiatives in Bahrain and around the world. This includes terminally ill children, victims of domestic violence, bullied teenagers and refugees.

  3. Hassan Kaiksow: Hassan serves as Director at UCO Engineering for two divisions; the Construction Material and the Asphalt. He is also the Director of Kaiksow Modern Trading where he manages the full operations. Hasan has founded two successful companies: Mantech Computer Services in 2003 and Rapid Telecommunications in 2008. Hassan was also a member of Entrepreneur Organization (EO) from 2010 to 2016 and is currently part of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

  4. Hatim Dadabi: A firm believer in teamwork to succeed in the competitive business environment, Hatem joined Dadabi Group’s Hospitality and trading division after completing his BBA in Management and Entrepreneurship from Farleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, USA in 1996. He has grown the division with the imitation of the Bahrain Institute of Hospitality & Retail (BIHR), now a renowned institute with international links.

  5. Abdulrahman Almoayed: A multidisciplinary service and trade professional, active in a variety of private and public sector enterprises including Food & Beverage, IT products and services, and distribution. His works extends to the establishment of homegrown brands, most recently in media, transport, and real estate services. Abdulrahman’s achievements stem from a passion for discovery and the pursuit of originality. This approach to business has transpired in the pro table development of numerous international brands including Ducati, Apple, Vespa, Piaggio, Illy Caffe, and EMCO a subcontracting company, amongst others. He previously served as President of the EO Bahrain Chapter (2011-2012), after which he worked his way up to Regional Director for EMEA and is now a Board Member of the YPO Bahrain Chapter.

  6. Mohamed Mustafa Alkooheji: Mohamed serves as the President and COO of AlKooheji Contractors and Construction where he has worked since 2006. Prior to joining AlKooheji, Mohamed worked for a year at HSBC Bank’s Hedge Fund division in the UK. He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration with Computing at Kent University at Canterbury UK.

  7. Yaqoob Alawadhi: Yaqoob has a multi-industry background and worked in the GCC, ME and UK. He has served in Senior Executive roles as GM Sales in Batelco Bahrain, and CEO/COO in Batelco Group Subsidiaries in Bahrain and Batelco Group overseas subsidiary in Saudi Arabia & Jordan prior to forming his own venture in the Hospitality business in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. He served in several regional Multinationals, i.e. International Turnkey Systems in Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia as well as Case Technologies in the UK, UAE and Gulf International Bank Bahrain. Yaqoub is also the co-founder and CEO of NGN International & NGN Training Centre Bahrain, part of an International NGN Group of companies, and is a member of Entrepreneur Organisation Bahrain Chapter.

  8. Mohamed Shirazi: Mohamed Shirazi serves as Director of two family businesses, namely Behbehani Brothers W.L.L and Bahrain Jewellery Centre W.L.L which he joined in 2005. Mohamed took initiative to register Diramo Holdings Company W.L.L & BJC Holding Company B.S.C to protect the family’s assets. He is also an equal partner of Yamo Holdings W.L.L – registered in Bahrain for asset management and investments.

  9. Ali Mahmood Lari: Ali joined the family business (Khalil Ali Akbar Lari Group) as Business Development and Catering after 12 years of a professional career amongst three international banks in Bahrain. He was also an active member of a number of professional associations and societies including the Bahrain SME society, the Bahrain Management Society, the National Business Agenda, the Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development. He has also been selected to be a member of the steering committee to guide the National Business Agenda in partnership with CIPE. Ali has participated in many international forums organized by CLDP international program. Recently he has been appointed as a member of the Projects committee of the Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development based in Bahrain.

  10. Mohammed Abdulali Alaali: Mohamed Al AAli is a Managing Director at the United Enterprises group of companies, responsible for managing the export manufacturing arm of the group, served as a general manager in various companies for the last 16 years of his career. His greatest strength was his ability to turn around the manufacturing arm and diversify the group from the aluminum metal business to various manufacturing industries, i.e plastics, water bottling, façade testing, and food distribution. Today the export arm of the group is associated with various international OEM distributors in 32 countries around the world. He is currently on the board of all United Enterprises group holdings, and thrives in the research and development of the group subsidiaries, and is an active member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (Bahrain Chapter).

  11. Omar Salah Alkhan: Omar Al Khan is the Managing Partner and founder of ParkPoint Parking solutions, the first valet parking and parking management company in Bahrain. Omar’s belief in innovation and technology lead to the creation of the first parking app in the kingdom (to be launched in 2018) along with many exciting projects like automated operations, memberships, and subscription schemes. Omar has also started other brands like Barastea which is a café located in Manama Souq, Rosemary a catering kitchen, and has played a managerial role in Pet Arabia the largest chain of pet stores in Bahrain. He’s also a member of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) Bahrain chapter.

Want to know more about Alghad? You can read all about them on their website here. And don’t forget to follow their Instagram to stay up to date with their future events and announcements!

With Alghad you can be assured that your challenges and concerns are going to be heard and voiced out. It’s all about starting tomorrow today.

Bayan Al-A'abed

Bayan Al-A'abed