Meet Altibbi, the first website in the Arab world to provide medical services to patients

Nowadays, you can order food and groceries with a couple of taps on your phone, pay your bills, navigate to new places, count your calorie intake, and even keep track of your health. And since health is a priority, and nearly everyone uses their phones frequently, it would only make sense if health services also operate through the palms of your hands. 

Now, we’re not saying that healthcare apps and telemedicine services are going to take over actual doctors, and we’d actually recommend that you see a doctor if it’s a serious case, but it’s safe to say, these apps can be useful. This is why we decided to introduce you to Altibbi, the first website in the Arab world that provides medical services, allowing patients to communicate with over 10,000 available accredited doctors directly via voice calls and chats, in addition to getting trusted medical information from 1.6m pages. 

Launched in Jordan in 2008, by Co-Founder and CEO Jalil Allabadi, and Ayman Sharaiha, Co-Founder and COO, Altibbi aims to help families in the MENA region have access to qualified doctors. The platform mainly targets families that aren’t able to afford the high costs of offline medical services or people who live in remote areas with little to no access to doctors, or for people who urgently need to be connected with a doctor.

According to Jalil Allabadi, the medical team works to provide reliable medical information, in the Arabic language over the internet to those who need it, in addition to providing online medical consultations. 

The inspiration behind Altibbi app stems from the fact that a significant portion of the Arab population is lacking access to basic health services, information and medical advice, Jalil shares. “70% of doctors’ visits can actually be done virtually,” he says, “Altibbi is stepping in to fill the gap, reduce healthcare costs, improve accessibility and quality of care delivery for all.”

When asked about what makes Altibbi different from its competitors, Jalil tells us that they are a comprehensive solution that aims to help patients through their health journey. Yet the biggest differentiator is that Altibbi maintains the high quality they aim for in everything they do, including recruiting the best doctors to managing the virtual consultation process. “Ensuring that we have the same standards of quality across 12 countries and at a scale of 60k+ monthly consultations is what sets Altibbi apart,” Jalil states.

With Altibbi, Jalil and Ayman aim to continue enhancing the quality and range of their healthcare services. Jalil tells us that AI offers more exciting new possibilities for data analytics in the healthcare industry, and so they plan on taking Altibbi to the next level by developing Artificial Intelligence driven technology for healthcare professionals and consumers.

Their medical chatbot is already set in motion and have been continuously learning on a daily basis from the experiences of all doctors from the data sets they have. “We plan to continue leveraging on innovative technologies to tailor care to individuals’ unique needs through adopting AI,” Jalil concludes. 

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You can access Altibbi’s telemedical services on their website here. It’s also available for download on iOS and Android

For more information on Altibbi, you can check out their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn


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