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Majaz: Creating Unique Metaphors Through Music

“Majaz comes from تعبير مجازي which means metaphor. It is what Arab poets use in poetry throughout history. We try to do the same but with rhythms and melodies.”

With the use of a distinctive mixture of instruments, and the limelight on cellist Jehad Alhalal, Majaz is grooving to their own mix as they introduce unique rhythms in Bahrain.

“Our music appeals to different tastes in music, and is inline with 70% of global genres,” said one of the band players. “We create music that is both enjoyable and fulfilling because we are unafraid to create it based on what we love to hear.”

“Bahrain is very surprising with its hidden talent especially in the music scene. We have seen many high standards of musicians that can reach globally, they just need the support and the publicity.”

“We have a Ministry of Culture in Bahrain that give local artists a platform to show what they got. We really hope this will continue to grow and feature more local artists. A bit of marketing and advertising could really give it the exposure that it needs.”

This is also available in Arabic if you'd like.

Startup MGZN

Startup MGZN