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Leading a healthier lifestyle has never been easier with Plotos, here’s everything you need to know

The world of technology and innovation is certainly great, you can literally have anything delivered right to your steps with just a tap on your mobile, such as GetBaqala, EatApp, Instashop, Fetchr and the list goes on. Technology is so amazing that it has even made your fitness goals way easier than it used to be back in the days – especially with the unlimited amount of YouTube tutorials on healthy recipes, and various workouts, and not to mention the endless fitness apps that push you beyond your limit.

But today we bring you another interesting app that will for sure help you lead a healthier lifestyle – and don’t freak out, you won’t have to sweat this time. If you’re a busy-bee (or just lazy) who doesn’t have time to cook, and you’re sick of ordering junk greasy food from Talabat or Carriage, then consider Plotos your new go-to for good healthy food.

Plotos is launched by Nadine Tayara, who has over 10 years of experience in food and nutrition as a clinical dietitian and wellness consultant, alongside Maria Abi Hanna, a clinical dietitian, and Mohammed Johmani, an ambitious and passionate serial entrepreneur, with expertise in technology. According to the founders, majority of people perceive healthy food as tasteless, expensive, boring, and inaccessible. “Plotos was brought to life to help people think more positively about nutritious food and encourage individuals to start changing their ordering habits,” the founders share with Startup MGZN.

The app took 5-6 months to develop and is considered the first platform in the region dedicated towards nutrition and healthy food choices. “Plotos is basically a one-stop nutrition shop that connects users to customize programs and healthy food that can be delivered right to where they are,” the founders tell us. The team includes qualified experts in nutrition and technology, to ensure that the meals offered to the customer are not just nutritionally balanced, but also taste and affordable.

And that’s not the greatest part yet! Plotos can also create a customized dietary program for every user’s dietary and lifestyle needs, including vegan, paleo, detox, and more. In addition, it includes a variety of restaurants in Dubai where users can select from a wide range of healthy choices.

Furthermore, Plotos does not only deliver healthy food, but it also allows you to some online grocery shopping! “Plotos allows users access to a wholesome selection of ingredients, pantry items, and foods that has been hand-selects by our nutrition and wellness experts that can be delivered straight to the user’s homes,” the founders said.

But why the peculiar name “Plotos”? The three founders tell us that the name “Plotos” is derived from the Greek word “Plutus” which means “wealth”. “Since we believe that our greatest wealth is our health, the name seemed a perfect fit for our app, our company, and our mission,” they tell us.

For more information on Plotos, you can check out their website here. Plotos is also available for download on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

And make sure you follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for future updates and announcements!


Bayan Al-A'abed

Bayan Al-A'abed