Ladies, are you tired of going to parlors to get your treatment sessions only to find it packed? Or even worse, unsatisfying? We present you solutions.

Meet The Mobile Spa – one of the first mobile spa concepts in the Kingdom. Their service delivers lush spa treatments to you wherever you are. They also offer an assortment of services ranging from massages, body scrubs, manicures, pedicures to to adults, teens and children.

Launched by Deena Al-Ansari, a former banker, alongside her partner Souha Sawan, the concept bloomed in Deena’s mind when she got frustrated with the lack of home spa services – I mean, who wouldn’t want to pamper themselves, and have their nails and hair done from the luxury of their homes, am I right? That’s when Deena decided to start up her own spa, and be generous enough to share it with the people around her as well.

But Deena didn’t stop there! She started resourcing treatment products she and her friend couldn’t find in the region, products that are contamination free and provide healthy, trustworthy service to people. This in turn led Deena and Souha to establish a second company together called TheBeautyCo, which offers hand-picked, unique and effective products of high quality to customers with satisfying results. It also helped them kick off their own line of spa products named Spalinea.

Furthermore, Deena shares that they launched a branch of TheBeautyCo in Dubai at 2015 and have recently opened up another in Riyadh – Say mashallah! “Despite the business physically existing in three locations, it caters to the all countries in the GCC region,” Deena tells us.

It’s worth mentioning that Deena has also been awarded the Female Entrepreneur Honour Seal by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa. Deena doesn’t just run two successful businesses with her partner, The Mobile Spa and TheBeautyCo, but she also manages her family’s business too, Al-Ansari Lights. Talk about a powerful businesswoman!

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Deena has a goldmine of advice for entrepreneurs, and her favorite one is: “Do what scares you.” She emphasizes on how fear causes missed opportunities and the only way to go forward is to step out of your comfort zone.

When asked about any support she has received while launching The Mobile Spa, Deena expresses her gratitude towards Bahrain Development Bank and Tamkeen for supporting them in achieving their goals and carrying their businesses successfully inside and outside of Bahrain. “The fact they believed in our business helped me, it was the push I needed to leave my comfort zone and start believing in our capability to actually make this work” Deena explains.

If your job is too stressful and your atmosphere is anything but relaxing, help yourself to some pampering from the Mobile Spa! They can be found on Instagram and Facebook.
You can check out their services on the website here, and of course you can book your appointment at 17777444.

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