If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner who’s looking to train your team and increase productivity levels as well as their potentials in professional and personal aspects, then you’re on the right page! Let us introduce you to Mubadara – your go to place for training programs.

Mubadara, a company founded by Sameera Ali Baba, isn’t just an Arabic word for Initiative; it’s also a Bahraini-based establishment that’s specialized in offering content development and delivery for training providers. Using their own unique model of “Play Think Learn” which they apply in delivering their training, the trainees are expected to present 80% the ideas they learned with highly interactive activities that reflect their understanding with this model.   

To give you a little bit briefing on the influential Sameera Ali Baba –  She is regionally recognized as an aspiring thinker in the field of training and development, coaching, and marketing and sales. She’s an enterprising entrepreneur and has evolved her profession in coaching, especially in projects focusing on empowering the youth and self-development, in addition to leadership skills. Sameera has also managed projects on both national and regional levels with her number of beneficiaries, exceeding 4,500 trainees and 600 days of training. Incredible, right?

When asked about how Mubadara is different from other training programs, Sameera told us that their interactive and customized approach to training differs from the traditional methods that revolve around the same ol’ lecture style. Mubadara’s interesting approach helps their trainees inspect possible solutions for their own environment, whether it’s personal or career-wise. “We design our solutions based on using group coaching methods. Our focus is on improving performance in critical areas such as customer service, sales and self development.” she remarked.

You might be wondering how Sameera got to where she is today? How did her business flourish? Well, with thorough support, consultation and mentorship from Bahrain Development Bank. She was also one of the first ones that started and rented out a space in Riyadat Mall.

Sameera also credits her success to her first supporters, Tamkeen and Bahrain Development Bank. “They gave us access to effective accounting solution and ongoing guidance sessions that helped us kick start easier than what we would have done without them,” she shares, “Most startups don’t fail because of their ideas, but due to their miscalculated operations. Having Tamkeen and BDB on my side, every step of the way, was really great in avoiding any sort of stepbacks or mishaps.”  

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For more information, check out any of Sameera’s social media platforms. You can find her on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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