“Entrepreneurship Workshops Program” to be Launched by AICEI in Partnership with Tamkeen

The Arab International Center for Entrepreneurship and Investment (AICEI) , which falls under the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Bahrain recently announced its partnership with Tamkeen to launch the “Entrepreneurship Workshops Program”, the first training program catering solely to Bahraini entrepreneurs.

The budget allocated to the program is around BD 170,000, which will involve conducting 24 workshops covering a wide range of areas relevant to entrepreneurs. In all, 480 Bahrainis will benefit from the program.

In an interview with Startup MGZN, Dr. Hashim Hussain, Head of UNIDO in Bahrain shared with us more details about the overall program and the planned workshops.

What were the main drivers behind launching such program?

Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of all modern economies, and we share with Tamkeen the profound desire to put in place the right framework and support programs to facilitate innovation and sustainably develop the nation’s economy. This increases the capability of entrepreneurs to create new businesses, contribute in the growth of current micro, small and medium enterprises through an investment incentives program that leads to developing entrepreneurship, which falls in line with the framework known internationally as the Bahrain-Arab Model.

Who are the target audiences for those workshops?

The workshops mainly target entrepreneurs, startups and existing micro, small and medium enterprises.

When are those workshops planned to start?

The workshops are set to commence in January 2014 and will be held over a two-year period. Every workshop will run for a day and will provide the audience with general knowledge about the topic.

What topics will be covered in those workshops and who will be delivering them?

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The workshops will cover areas such as product/service development, brand identity, resource management, creativity and idea generation, market gap identification, patenting, entrepreneurial networking and more. Each workshop will be conducted by a market expert with international experience of the subject matter.

Will the material used in the workshops be available online for other entrepreneurs to benefit from (if they could not attend)?

We will work towards making the content of the workshops publically available to all interested entrepreneurs.

What will be the impact of those workshops on the Entrepreneurs?

We believe those workshops will help entrepreneurs to broaden their knowledge, improve their productivity and drive them to become more creative and innovative in marketing their products and services. It will also be an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to strengthen their networking skills and be prepared to take their enterprises to the next level.

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