Choose yourself, choose Comin as the fitness center of your dreams

How many of us can with absolute certainty say that we’ve turned our passion into profit? And for that passion + profit combo to be undeniably admirable, completely self-made and funded, its focal focus revolving around helping others with bettering their lifestyle? Not many, right?  

That’s what this noteworthy individual, a jack-of-all-trades, local superman, (We could go on, honestly, but we’ll stop here) is doing. Hasan Nowrooz is a man of many titles, a family man, a loyal friend, a passion-driven athlete who is some sort of a legend in Manama’s Basketball Club, and now he’s adding entrepreneurship to his impressive list of skills and achievements. 

Let’s Start With A Warm Up. 

Given his interest and knowledge in the field of sports, it would seem natural for Hasan’s next step to evolve into becoming a gym owner. He obtained his personal trainer certification from one of the top five fitness associations in the US during the pandemic. “I thought to myself, ‘why don’t I invest my time in what I like and make something out of it?’ So I worked hard during that year to get my certification, while simultaneously planning for launching my own fitness center.” (Someone kept busy during the pandemic, mashallah. Now that’s dedication to your craft!) 

We asked Hasan, who’s an accomplished sportsman, what made him venture into the world of entrepreneurship. “I’ve always been passionate about physical fitness and all sorts of activities that require physical strength. As a professional athlete, I improve my own skills by setting goals for myself every year. It’s only been a matter of time before I found myself in the field of fitness and resistance training.” he shared.  

Who’s Comin Exactly? And Why?

Well, according to Hasan, you are. He said, “It’s like when you face a challenge and you don’t back down from it, what do you do? You say, ‘I’m coming for you, I’m coming for a better life.’ Affirmative phrases are a big part of our identity because you need that constant and consistent positivity in your life that will really get you going.” And that explains why their slogan is, “A better I is coming.” How can you say no to that? You’re basically trained to become a G!

With all that being said, what makes Comin different from other gyms? He explained that it’s all based on science. He stressed that they follow the book when it comes to training, all the programs are tailored for athletes and newbies alike, designed to change and enhance the client’s lifestyle depending on their preferences and what’s good for them. Be it in specific classes or personal training, Comin’s got your back. 

As a top fitness center, they provide a variety of machinery, equipment, tools and class activities that strongly focuses on preparing a lifestyle enhancement to everyone who walks through their doors in a positive, friendly and healthy environment, regardless of their limitations. Comin doesn’t just care about empowering your physical well-being, they also help you improve your mental and spiritual state as well, and enable you to reach whatever goal you’ve set your mind to.

So…Where is Comin Going?

It’s only fair to ask what the future looks like for such a fitness center, and Hasan didn’t disappoint! Although they have just opened up, Comin is aiming to become a fitness hub for all people. Inclusivity matters to him the most. He wants to diversify the services they offer into providing taekwondo classes and broaden their facilities by including a swimming pool!

See Also

What else? Well, Hasan is introducing classes for kids to upscale sports education for them in a proper way. “The base for sports is sort of weak and deficient, so we need to implement a strong foundation for kids in sports to eliminate future difficulties in taking up these skills.” he stated. 

But, What About Time Bro? 

A basketball player, a personal trainer, and now an entrepreneur, how does Hasan have the time to balance it all out? Well, when he’s not chilling and enjoying his time off with his family, “That’s the one thing I prioritize whenever I have time off,” he shared, “Anyone who wants to get anywhere has to deal with a hectic schedule, but you just need to set your priorities straight. Time management is much more important than what people give it credit for, you have to discipline yourself and know where you wanna go.” he added. 

Bulk Up on Some Advice.

Per usual, we have to ask our entrepreneurs for some advice on behalf of all the people following their footsteps. Hasan had something vital to add to his previous wise words, “My main advice is for people to financially plan their business very carefully, and venture into a field they’re knowledgeable about and can put a lot of effort into. Or if they’re interested in a field they’re not particularly savvy about, they need to go into it without capital at first, learn from it and then invest themselves in it.” We couldn’t agree more, really. 

So, what are you waiting for? New Year’s Day? You could make your resolution right now and start implementing that healthy lifestyle early! Let us know what you think about Comin, you can follow them on their Instagram, or get in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you! 

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